How To Write a Rebuttal to a Negative Job Evaluation

Annual job evaluations are usually carried out in every company, at least those companies that value improvement and excellence, in order to provide some critical information to their employees with the objective of either praising them for excellent work or to notify them on areas that they need to work on.  Typically, the job evaluation is done by the direct superior of the employee and is most of the time the basis for promotions and pay raise.  Now, there will be times that the job evaluation done on a certain employee can be negative in nature and quite questionable.  When this happens, the only recourse is to answer this flawed evaluation of your performance on paper.  Here are some tips on how to go about writing a rebuttal for a negative job evaluation.

  • Obtain copies of the job evaluation and employment contract.  The first step in writing a rebuttal to a negative job evaluation would be to get a copy of the evaluation itself and a copy of the employment contract.  These two documents should be the basis and resource for the rebuttal letter.  Read the evaluation and note down all the negative elements that you think is not fair.  Compare these to the job description and responsibilities listed in the employment contract.  If there is a single detail on the evaluation that conflicts the details on the employment contract, make sure to note this down.
  • Compare the points on the evaluation with your achievements and work history.  Another important thing to do before writing the rebuttal letter is to simple note down the realistic and measurable achievements that you have made during your tenure that contradicts some of the negative points on the evaluation.  These will be your strongest points to turn the evaluation the other way.  In fact, these contradictory points should be the main meat in your letter.
  • Write the letter.  Compose a respectful rebuttal letter and logically and objectively note down all the points you wish to challenge on the job evaluation.  Note down each point and follow that with a solid rebuttal by citing points on the employment contract and your work achievements to challenge the negative point.  If need be, have some of your co-workers vouch for certain aspects of your work if some of these points cannot be measured or proven on paper.  Make sure to address the letter to your direct superior and to the company’s human resources department.
  • Schedule a meeting to discuss the letter.  Notify human resources and your direct superior that you want to discuss the contents of the job evaluation and the letter.  This meeting will be a great venue to clarify each point in the letter.  If the direct superior realizes that he has gone too far with some of the aspects in the job evaluation, he may retract it and create a new and more objective one.
  • Have HR insert the rebuttal letter in your file.  If your direct superior does not acknowledge his mistakes, then your last recourse will simply be to have HR include your rebuttal letter in your work file so that when the time comes for a thorough evaluation, the negative job evaluation and your rebuttal letter will provide more information to the person in charge of conducting the evaluation.

If you are a member of the union, you may find the whole process much easier since you can have your union representative work on the rebuttal process, both verbal and written, with you and have him do the legwork to get the evaluation overturned. 

When writing the letter, it is important to keep calm at all times.  It is easy to lose yourself in your emotions that can lead to worsening your stature with the company.  Always remember that you must be cool, calm, and objective so as not to disrespect anyone that is above you in authority.


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