How To Write a Resume for a Medical Assistant Job

Applying for a medical assistant job is quite similar to applying to virtually any other job. It all starts with a clean, clear, and optimized professional resume. The resume is the first thing that a medical office manager or the HR personnel in a hospital or clinic will look at. They will evaluate if you are worth taking a second look or worth scheduling an initial interview. This is the sole reason why writing a resume for that medical assistant job you want is very critical. Here are some tips to get you through this hurdle and into the fires of a comprehensive job interview.

  • Organize your work and education history. Medical assistant jobs will normally have pretty standard qualifications that include completing courses in medical assisting programs and having work experience in the field. The person that will evaluate your resume will look for your training and experience which will include clerical work, the taking of vitals of a patient, conducting lab tests, managing patients’ histories, and assisting the physician in various tasks. This being said, make sure to focus on your work history, if any and the training you received in the field.
  • Include your specialization. Medical assistants may acquire certain specializations through further training. These specializations are based on the different branches of medicine. For example, a medical assistant that specializes in psychiatry will have different skills from a medical assistant specializing in obstetrics. This being said, if you have a specific specialization as a medical assistant, list this down on your resume for your prospective employer to see.
  • List other experiences. If you have previously worked as a secretary or administrative assistant even if not in a medical setting, make sure to include these experiences on your resume. The responsibilities of these previous jobs are typically similar in terms of skills needed to accomplish these tasks to that of a medical assistant. On the other hand, as much as possible, do not include any previous experiences that are not relevant to the medical assistant job to reduce the clutter on your resume.
  • Include your certifications. To become and practice as a medical assistant, some states may require licensure or certification. Most jobs offered will require these certifications as well. Make sure to have a category in your resume for this aspect and list your certifications relevant to the field, the governing body that granted you the certification, and the date of its provision.
  • Write some details about yourself. Employers will always want to know about the character and personality of any applicant for the job to gauge if they will be a good fit into their existing medical environment. On this note, make sure to include a short list or description of your character, skills, and talents. Don’t forget to include a list of references that the potential employer can contact to check about your work ethic and character.

When writing your resume, make sure to be clear yet concise. You should be able to include the most important information required for the job and insert a few healthy tidbits to help your chances during their initial evaluation. At the same time, when you send in your resume, make sure that it comes to them with a well written application letter. This will only help your efforts.


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