How To Write a Resume for a Promotional Model

Being a promotional model is one way to meet new people, gain experience and exposure in different fields of business and generally have fun while you work. The pay is good and working as a promotional model is one way to earn extra income while you are still in school. The promotional work is varied. It can range from attending tradeshows and product launches. You can get the chance to grace the covers and magazine pages due to the product your are currently promoting. If you have the looks, have a bubbly personality and enjoy meeting new people and talking to them, here is a good chance to do so. Boot up your computer and write your resume. Take a look at the tips below on how to prepare the resume.

  • Make a list of your good qualities, talents and skills. Every promotional job requires different sets of talents and skills and you have to prepare your resume according to the requirements of the promotional job you are interested in getting.
  • Write your personal information as well as all your contact information where you can be easily reached. Follow this with a list of your qualifications and your past work experiences. If you do not have any actual promotional job experience yet, list down activities that you were involved in where meeting and interacting with different people was required.
  • Include a general statement stating your objectives and why you want to work in the promotional modeling field. Make it brief and compelling, something that will make the recruiter take notice. List the positive things that you want to achieve as a promotional model. Treat yourself as a product and the ways that you will promote yourself.
  • Follow the format of standard formal resume. You do not need a resume builder to create your resume. You can take a look at some resume samples online and use a good format using your current document creator like MS Word. The application also comes with resume templates that you can use.
  • Include some of your personal interests that can be related to the work you are applying for. There are products that will require a model to make use of their talents and specials skills as part of the modeling requirement. Your own personality should also shine. Include instances where you were able to win people to your side, especially if you do not have any experience yet of being a promotional model. You can also include experiences where your expertise in dealing with different people made a big difference to a large gathering.

Brush up on your communication skills and practice your smile, body movements, hand gestures and smiling in front of the mirror. Your genuine smile is one of the most important asset if you want to be a promotional model. This can open doors and win people. As a promotional model you are representing a product or a company so you should always look your best. Good moral standards, kindness, patience, good attitude towards work and resourcefulness are wonderful assets to possess when you want to become a promotional model.


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