How To Write a Resume for a Receptionist Job

Are you a fan of the TV Show "Mad Men"? Then you know that there is more to a receptionist job than answering phone calls and ushering guests into the conference room and that show was set in the 1960s! Today, a receptionist job is all about multi-tasking and unleashing your fashionista side because it is your face that people get to see before moving into the inner sanctum of the corporate office.

When it comes to writing your application for a receptionist job, what you want is to get as close to a functional resume as you can possibly achieve. A functional resume states your most important skills first more than job experience or job title though these latter two are also important. The idea behind a functional resume is to make the corporate employer sit up and take notice of you. This is also a hiring strategy for you to use to trump other applicants who are vying for the same job.

Here’s how you can organize your resume down on paper:

  • Populate your header. The header is your personal introduction to your employer. In here, you state your full name, complete address, phone number, and email. By the way, if your email address is something informal like [email protected] – create another account that is formal like [email protected] – get the picture?
  • Include a formal photo. This is optional but recommended. Have a formal photo taken with you wearing a suit, hair and makeup in place (if female) and fresh hair cut and shaved (if male) on a nondescript background. Have it taken from the waist up and make sure it is the right sized photo like a 2 x 2 shot. This photo is scanned and digitally place on the upper right side of the first page of your resume.
  • Lose the objective statement. There’s really nothing you can state as your job objective that will make your application progress any further. Save the space instead on your work experience.
  • Impress with your professional achievements. This is one aspect of your resume that you would want to compose with careful thought. What were the highlights of your career? How did you contribute to the company in your capacity as a receptionist? Here’s one example:
    • Optimized the use of computer software to digitalize all business-related forms like room reservations, schedules, and administrative coordination.
    • Managed a number of office interns and trainees relative to the job of frontlining.
  • Enumerate your qualifications. These should be actual work performed and should concentrate on your most important skills to get the job done. If from time to time you were tasked to provide executive assistance to a CEO or any member of upper management, it’s a definite must-include in this section of your resume.
  • Include your educational background and training received. There is no need to mention that you went to elementary or high school. Go straight to your technical, vocational, college, or university degree received prior to working. Then segue to training received relative to enhancing job skills and performance like phone operation and etiquette.

Pick your prospective companies well when pursuing a job as a receptionist. It is better to work in a company that is well established and has a career plan for employees so that you won’t get stuck in reception until your retirement.


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