How To Write a Resume When You Are in High School

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Many teenagers today, especially high school students involve themselves in part time jobs. This is of course, to help their parents out or just for them to have some extra allowance. Job opportunities for high school students are very limited so it matters to be able to submit a good resume to increase your chances of getting employed. And since a resume of a graduate differs from a resume of a high school student, we have to be careful in writing it.

Here are some tips on how a high school student could write a good resume:

  • Keep it standard. You have to include the main section of the resume, always. Employers will always be conscious of how you properly wrote your resume. The main sections of your resume should include your name and contact information, goals or objective, educational attainment, awards/honors/certifications and work experience. There are various ways and formats of writing a resume, so it can include more sections than those already mentioned. But most important are the main sections, so never skip one.

  • State your experiences as a high school student. Since most high school student don't have any professional work experience yet, it's better to consider listing your work experience at school. For example, writing a journal, designing a magazine, organizing a sports event, and the like. It's good if you have a school-related work experience that could be closely related to the job you are applying for. This is just a way of letting the employers know that you have an idea, or that you are credible for the job. But if you already have a job experience, of course it's best to indicate that. Sharing your experiences tells them that you are capable of the job

  • Express yourself. Teenagers have lots of interest which make them really versatile when it comes to work. You can include your interests and hobbies in the resume so that the employers would have an idea of what you are capable of, or in what field you are best at. This is also a way of introducing and describing yourself.

  • Awards will reward. List the awards and achievements you have attained so far. This always goes to impress your employer. Your awards will define your commitment, capability and skills when at work. Your school awards will always have a say that you are intelligent, hardworking and disciplined. This shows that you could get things done in your way. But remember to be honest in listing your achievements.

  • Proofread it. Proofread your resume not just once, or twice, but many times. You can also ask someone else, someone credible to proofread your resume. This is to make sure that your resume is free of flaws. Remember that employers will always check your resume of grammar errors, typos and overall writing skills first. This is for them to separate the good ones from the bad ones. So proofread ten times over to make sure your resume is ready for submission. Revise and edit if you find any error in your paper. Then, proofread again.

It always impresses the employers when high school students provide a resume when applying for a job. This can already show how responsible they are by taking the initiative. Always make the best resume you could, because this tool will help lead you to the job you want. Making high school resumes is a great practice for making your future professional resumes.


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