How To Write a Social Work Job Cover Letter

Social work is often considered as a very rewarding career. Still, social workers are not usually featured in television or magazines as people who receive huge salaries. They have one of the most tasking jobs in the world, yet, they are often under-appreciated.

The number of social workers is becoming less and less as years go by. The government has started to decrease the budget for hiring social workers. Therefore, openings for this career also become limited and hard to come by. Social work jobs also include those in family or individual therapy and senior care. This includes jobs in counseling and group therapy. Social workers often work with psychiatrists or psychologists.

If you are one of those dedicated folks who prefers a career in social services, then writing the perfect cover letter will help you get the job of your dreams. Here are some tips in making the perfect social work job cover letter:

  1. Know the details of the position you are applying for. Do not settle with just knowing the title and the hiring agent. Consider the goals of the organization or company who is hiring. Know where they get their funding and the challenges that they are currently facing. Knowing this information will give you a shoulder up on the kind of approach your cover letter will take. Use the first paragraph of your cover letter to explain why you are applying for the position, based on your company research.
  2. Market yourself and prove to them that your are the one for the job. Highlight your skills and relate them to the ones required for the job. For example, if the position is for senior care, cite an experience that you have in taking care of older patients. This will not be necessarily from a previous social work job if this is your first time to apply for a social work position. You may use personal experiences in other fields or volunteer work in the community. Write about this in the second paragraph of your cover letter.
  3. Close the sale. Since job hunting entails marketing yourself as a seller markets a product, you will need a closing paragraph for your letter. By this time, the hiring manager should already be convinced that you are the one for the job. Express your gratitude for the time that they took to read and check out your application. State your contact details, including the best times for them to reach you. You can let the hiring manager expect a follow-up call from you to confirm their receipt of your application.
  4. Reread your letter. After completing your letter, you can do something else to take your mind away from it for a while. Afterward, come back to it, read it, and ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your message clear?
  • Is it direct and to the point?
  • Is it impressive?

Though some job applications do not require you to write a cover letter, it would still be best to prepare one. A cover letter increases your chances of getting an interview, especially when you provide a very impressive social work job cover letter.


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