How To Write an Impartial Employment Reference for a Friend

Employment reference is a letter that includes the character's information and is somewhat like a resume. An impartial employment reference is written by a "referrer" and these are your professor/teacher, counselor, colleagues and supervisor. You need someone who knows you well and know your potential and skills to succeed in a particular field or educational program.

Suggestions that might help you on writing an impartial employment reference for a friend: 

First you need to know the contents of the employment reference:

  • Ask the "referrer" to start the letter by telling about the good characteristics that you have shared during your time with them. Also tell the referrer to describe how long he/she has known you and in what capacity. It is better to include dates of employment and details on the work that he/she attended. 
  • Give your referrer a copy of your resume. Your resume must include goal, purpose of working, work experience, accomplishments and educational attainment. Knowing the referrer well will greatly help for the writing of your impartial employment reference because he/she can provide information on your behalf.
  • If your referrer is a past co-worker or a past supervisor, he/she should include your performance and skills during your time of stay and things that made you as a good employee. 
  • Tell the referrer to end the letter by saying why he/she is recommending you for that particular job. It is very important for the letter to be signed, dated and validated by the following company and includes the address and telephone number of the referrer. All information is essential in the process of inquiry.
  • Send a thank you letter for each of your references after completing the job search. It is also advised to keep in touch with your referrer for follow up activities and don't forget to bring back favors. 

Suggested Structure in making employment reference:

  1. Complete name and address of the Addressee
  2. Date
  3. Proper salutation, for example: ("Dear Sir or Madam," or  "To Whom It May Concern," etc...)
  4. Some information are useful such as job title/s capacity, confirm dates, benefits and salary details if asked
  5. Confirmation of the person's attitude and most likely the performance if it was satisfactory or if it exceeds the standards and expectations of the company
  6. If you want to mention about a brief description of the responsibilities of that person may be optional
  7. Description of capacity, skills, qualifications, strengths, characteristics are also optional to mention
  8. Tell that you are willing you re-employ the person that is being referred if the opportunity is granted
  9. Open for providing more information if required (optional)
  10. Polite ending of letter ("Yours sincerely," or "Very sincerely yours," etc...) 

Employment reference needs validation and precise information from the referrer and the person being referred. Having a well known referrer will help you more on making the letter with ease. Assurance of your skills, characteristics, qualifications and profile needs to be clean and without probations. Having good record will make your employment reference more attractive to the employer and it will be foreseen in a good manner.


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