How To Write an Internship Cover Letter

If you're hoping to get an internship, your cover letter is the first thing potential employers are going to read. Make a great first impression before you even set foot in the door by having a strong cover letter. Follow this guide on how to write an internship cover letter that will win you the job.

Step 1

Make sure it is personalized. You're not going to win an internship with a generic cover letter. Personalize each internship cover letter you write by including the address of the company in the top right corner. Then make sure you find out the name of the person your application will be directed to, and address the cover letter to him or her, formally, (as in Dear Mr. Smith). Use the company's name in the cover letter often, and include information specific to that company when you're discussing your skills. (Check the company website for specific information about the company that might strengthen your cover letter.) Let your employer know that you took the time to educate yourself about the company and write a strong, individualized cover letter.

Step 2

Keep it simple. A good cover letter is three paragraphs in length, and takes up only 2/3 of the page. (Any longer, and your employer likely won't even take the time to read it). So keep the first paragraph to a few sentences by introducing yourself and stating your interest in the internship. Then, in the second paragraph, mention your skills, training or experience in the industry (if any). Or talk about your interest in gaining this experience. You aren't going to have much experience going into an internship, so don't spend hours highlighting the fact that you're new to the industry with little experience. Instead, discuss your education, any past experience you have, and your reasons for wanting the internship. This paragraph should be 6-7 sentences, at most. The final paragraph is the ‘thank you' paragraph, restating your interest in the internship and mentioning how you can be contacted. Save the details for the interview. The cover letter should be a brief introduction of yourself, enough to make the employer want to bring you in for an interview to get to know you more.

Step 3

Make it look professional. As with any cover letter, your internship cover letter needs to look professional. Take the time to proofread your cover letter. There can be no errors, so you may want to have someone else critique your cover letter too to find anything you may have missed.  As well, ensure that your writing style is formal and doesn't use any colloquial language. Include your address at the top of the cover letter as well, and sign it in pen at the very bottom. Use good quality paper and match it to the paper you print your résumé on.  The final cover letter should look neat and not crowded. Both the look and the content of your cover letter will determine whether you win the internship, so take the time to get both just right.


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