How To Write Freelance Web Content

Becoming a freelance web content writer is very appealing to a lot of people. Those who have been doing this for a very long time are able to work at their own pace and schedule, while still making a lucrative income from it. However, a perfect fit like this does not happen overnight. There are still plenty of practical matters to consider by going freelance as the reality is that this job requires real time and dedication, and sometimes, maybe even a little bit of luck.

Below are some tips to help you become a freelance web content writer: 

  1. If you are thinking of getting into freelance web content writing, an important requirement is that you must, of course, know how to write. Knowing the basics of grammar, tenses, vocabulary and spelling are a given. But writing for the web is a bit different than writing any other material. Brevity is very important. People who gather information online, it seems, have very short attention spans. No one likes to read web contents that are five pages long. Every important detail must already be there as soon as the page is loaded. This is a skill that you must master if you would like to get into web content writing.
  2. Set up your own website to hone your writing skills or build your portfolio. Many freelance writers start out with free site first using blogging platforms such as Blogger and Wordpress. Eventually, they invest in their very own paid websites as well.  Encourage friends and family to read your posts and if possible, ask feedback from them. 
  3. Do your research. Look into blogs and sites about freelance web content writing, or freelance writing in general.  There are plenty of these online, like Freelance Writing Gigs , Copy Blogger or Work At Home Forum. These sites have huge communities of writers where you can pick other tips from and learn from their own freelance writing experiences. These sites also have job leads that could help kick-off your freelance writing career.
  4. Start small first. Everyone should aspire to land that $50 per page writing contract, but while that is not yet happening, start small by contributing to several content sites such as Bukisa, eHow, Demand Studios or Brighthub. These sites offer shared income revenue and while that may be small in the beginning, they accrue overtime and become passive income sources. You can even use these sites as part of your portfolio.
  5. When you have built a portfolio that's impressive enough, it is time to start branching out and look for potential long term clients. Craigslist is one good source. You can also check job leads at Media Bistro or Indeed.  Others have had great luck landing contracts at sites like E-lance or ODesk.  Only these two are bidding sites, so you may be up against a lot of people for the job. In this case, it really pays to have a good portfolio first.  Also, be careful of possible scam jobs that are also very present in these sites. You will eventually learn to weed this out over time.

Good luck on your venture into the world of freelance web content writing!


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