How Work at Home Jobs Allow You to be More Involved with Raising Your Own Children

With the advent of the Internet, there are several opportunities to work from home. Anyone can work as a phone marketer, internet researcher, affiliate marketer and the like. These jobs typically pay enough to sustain a mid-level family while allowing people to work from the comfort of their own home. Parents are often the ones who want to take this opportunity.

The increased emphasis on work-life balance has led people to reconsider how they handle their home life. Most of them regret spending large amounts of time away from their kids, especially when they are younger. They want to raise them and create meaningful memories with them instead of staying at a distant office.

There are several benefits to working from home. Aside from the convenience, these jobs allow parents to be more available with their children. Even if a part of the house is set up as the office, the children will be able to access you easily.

  • Assignments. One of the earliest things that children ask their parents help for is in schoolwork. Most kids come home and want help with assignments. Normally, they need to wait for parents to arrive from work before they can get help. If the parents work from home, they can easily take a break and help with any homework.  This also allows mom and dad to build the child’s interest in studying. If left up to a nanny, the son or daughter may simply spend more time watching TV than actually answering tests or reading lessons. Having a parent to guide them increases the probability that the child will get good grades.


  • Daily Monitoring. Parents with very young children typically rely on nannies or child-care. Even if the kids are enrolled in daycare or school, a substantial amount of the time is still spent at home. When mothers and fathers work outside of the home, they come home tired not just from jobs, but also from the commute.  This gives them less time to interact with their children. Some are unaware of the personalities their kids have developed. Most turn around surprised to see that their sons and daughters are already grown men and women.


  • Meals. Home cooked meals are still the best. Parents working in distant offices without the extra income to hire a maid can rely on instant meals, order take-out or have food delivered. Some of them are even unable to eat meals at the same time as their kids.  Conversations during meals are considered one of the binding practices of families. Breaking bread together and talking about their prospective days develops understanding between family members.


  • Emergency situations. Parents often fear something happening to their children. This fear doubles when they are far away from them. Working from home allows them to stay in constant reach. A phone call from the school or hospital can easily be answered. Accidents and scrapes at home can be prevented, or treated as soon as possible.


  • Waking up and going to sleep. Most children look for the parents the minute they wake up. They also look for them right before they fall asleep. Waking kids and tucking them in are two of the traditions that are guaranteed when parents work at home. There is no longer a danger of getting home after the children have fallen asleep or waking up after they have already left for school.


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