How To Become a Field Service Engineer

Field engineer in the office

Many countries are continuously looking for field service technicians, field service medical professionals, and other professions aiming for field service careers. If you are an engineer, there is also a special field service job for you—be a field service engineer.

Don’t worry if you are still new to field service employment. This article will discuss the common job description of a field service engineer. After reading, you’ll be ready to write your resume and start looking for vacancies. Of course, don’t forget to prepare your tool kit. If you worry about salary, don't because your salary will surely be competitive. Every field service job offers a high salary.

So, without further ado, here are the duties and common job description of a field service engineer:

  • Field service engineers handle repairs or diagnose problems within the allotted time. This means that you should be able to repair or troubleshoot failures as safely and quickly as possible. Also, you should evaluate parts if these can still be used. If not, you will be responsible in ordering the correct part for replacement.
  • Field service engineers will work usually outside the company premises. They will serve customers by resolving their related issues and problems. They should also be able to evaluate the proper and appropriate action and procedures for a certain problem or issue.
  • Field service engineers should be able to work without direct supervision. Instead, they should report to the director engineer, or anyone who handles them, about what happened in the field. In some companies, like in Zahid Tractor, the field service engineer should be accountable for writing his own job reports.
  • Field service engineers will handle field service technicians and direct them on what should be done. Of course, this will be after the engineer has evaluated the proper actions for a certain situation.
  • Field service engineers should always be prepared with their tool kit to safely and properly resolve problems and issues.
  • Since field service engineers work in the field, they should be willing or available in case they needs to travel to another location to do repair. Beckman Coulter Inc., for example, needs a field service engineer who can travel with short notice. The company is even demanding the willingness of the professional to be relocated.

Aside from finishing and getting a license for a related engineering field, a field service engineer should also be an experienced professional. Most companies require at least three years of related experience. Field service engineers also work as leaders, and that is why they should have the necessary experience.

Now, you’re finally ready to look for vacancies and put together an impressive resume. Don’t forget to highlight your experiences, skills, and knowledge that will surely be beneficial for the company. That way, you’re sure to have an edge over other applicants. Who knows, you might be offered a higher salary than what you are expecting.


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