How To Get Jobs on a Carnival Cruise Ship

A lot of people dream of having jobs that are fun, but only some people have this opportunity. One of the most fascinating and fun jobs that one can have is working on a Carnival Cruise ship. Employees of Carnival Cruise ships earn money but at the same time can have the experience of having a paid vacation. The vacation destinations that Carnival Cruise ships visit are the most exotic and relaxing places in the world. This also gives the employees a chance to travel the world while earning. There are a lot of jobs that you can apply for on a Carnival Cruise ship.

Here are some of the jobs that are available in Carnival Cruise ship:

  1. Shipboard Casino – You can work on the ship’s casino if you are adventurous and highly adaptable to different cultures. Casinos are one of the features in almost all the Carnival Cruise ships. Some of the ships that have casinos are the Carnival Fantasy, Carnival Liberty, Carnival Inspiration and Carnival Triumph. The qualities required for this position are the ability to talk to guests in the casino, cooperative attitude towards other employees, and the ability to serve the guests with enthusiasm. This requires that you already have experience as a dealer, a casino host, a slot technician or a cashier.
  2. Shipboard Photographer – As a shipboard photographer, you are required to have a pleasing personality and have the ability to adapt to different cultures. Some of the duties of the shipboard photographer are shooting, processing and selling the pictures of guests and tourists on board. This is one of the most fun Carnival Cruise Jobs there is. If you have experience in photography and have the willingness to learn more about your hobby, then this is the job for you. All Carnival Cruise ships have a shipboard photographer. This includes Carnival Destiny, Carnival Fascination and Carnival Legend.
  3. Shipboard Medical – There are several positions for this. You can be a physician, a nurse or a nurse practitioner. If you have experience in these positions and are willing to work on a ship, then this is the job for you. You have to have knowledge in different emergency situations and basic medical treatments to qualify for these jobs. For a complete list of the qualifications, you can visit the website
  4. Shipboard Spa/Beauty/Fitness – One of the most mentioned features of the ships in a Carnival Cruise review are the spa and the fitness centers. If you have experience in working in a spa or a gym, you can apply for several positions available on the ship. You are required to have a pleasing personality and an ability to converse with guests and serve them with enthusiasm.

These are just some of the fun jobs that you can apply to if you want to work on a Carnival Cruise ship. These jobs will give you a chance to earn money while visiting different destinations around the world. You will surely learn a lot from working for the cruise line.


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