How To Get Jobs in Bail Bonds

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The process of bail bonding has existed in England since the early 17th century. This is why bail enforcement is considered one of the oldest professions in history. Bail bonds are issued to release a person from incarceration.  A degree in criminal justice isn't necessary to get a job in bail bonds, but it certainly helps!

The different types of jail bonds include federal bonds, surety bail bonds, immigration bonds, cash or jail bonds and property bail bonds. They have distinct purposes, depending on the situation.

  1. Federal bonds are utilized for someone accused of a federal crime like a felony. They are considered the most expensive of all bonds. A good bondsman will help the accused save money.
  2. Immigration bonds are for people who are accused of crimes against foreigners. They are hard to get and very expensive, too.
  3. Cash bonds are on the spot bail money for bail posting.
  4. Surety bail bonds involve collateral for the release of an accused. They can be in the form of promissory contracts with the bonds man. They are often used for drug-related cases.
  5. Property bail bonds offer property as bail. The properties mandated for bail should be often higher than the actual bail. They have to pass complicated procedures before they can be approved.

Being in a bail bonds company is very rewarding because you are helping out in the criminal justice system. There are many careers you could choose from in the bail bonds industry. The salary is generous and the job hours are very flexible. Before you start working as a bail bondsman, you have to enroll yourself for training. You have to be a high school graduate so that you can enroll. You have to finish the insurance courses required by the state department. Once you have completed the training, you can search for schools, which offer the bail bond class license (Limited Surety Agent’s License). You can obtain the list of schools from the State Department of Insurance. Your class instructor will give you more details about the upcoming test. After passing the test, simply fax in the application form along with your copy of your license to the FCS team. Remember that the licensing will depend on your location, so check with your Department of Insurance.

Here are some of the careers in the bail bond industry.

  1. The bail bond agent is the most common job in the industry. He is responsible for ensuring that the accused appears in court during trials. If the accused flees, the bond agent can request bounty hunters to find him and make him stand in court.
  2. The fugitive recovery agent/investigator manage both administrative and outside work for forfeited cases. He does interviews and conducts surveillance, arrest and billing. He also testifies in court and finishes other projects assigned by the management. In addition to his bail license, he should also have completed the course on arresting powers.
  3. The Production Assistant is in charge for answering phone calls, receiving payments and doing administrative work. Aside from the bail bond license, he should also have 2-3 years of sales work experience. The bail bond recovery agent is in charge of getting back the bail money.

You can learn more about the details of these jobs by picking up some criminal justice courses online.


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