Jobs in Trailer Sales

Are you in need of money? If you are, then you are also in need of a money-generating task – a job. There are many available jobs on the Internet and the offline classified ads however, there are also many people seeking for these job slots. If you want a job that is not so familiar to all job seekers, you could try the trailer sales industry. Companies of utility trailers design as well as manufacture curtain-sided trailers, flatbeds, and refrigerated vans. Utility trailers are also called landscape trailers. This equipment is utilized in the landscaping field. One of the first family-owned companies is the Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company. This company is the third biggest producer of trailers in the United States.

The jobs are well paying and offer benefits. Here are the jobs available in the trailer sales industry:

1.    Salesperson in trailer sales.

A trailer salesperson should be computer literate. The salesperson needs a background in the Internet and have competent writing skills. A good physical condition is also necessary.

Here are the tasks of a trailer salesperson:

  • Renders customer service
  • Delivers daily sales service
  • Handles money
  • Arranges inventory (for instance in dump trailer section)

2.    Trailer sales representative.

There are transportation industries that need Class 8 truck sales representatives. The companies cover South America, Asia, Mexico, United States, and Europe. Trailer sales representatives will get a competitive compensation plan, and more benefits. A trailer representative in sales and utility should have trailer sales experience (at least two years) and have an established sale track record.

Here are the tasks of a trailer sales representative:

  • Sells enclosed trailers to companies and contractors
  • Maintains excellent customer care
  • Has a background in trucks and trailers

3.    Retail trailer salesperson. Nationwide dealers of equipments are in need of people for their sales teams.

    Here are the tasks of a retail trailer salesperson:

  • Sells cargo trailers as well as accessories
  • Shows excellent attitude towards clients via email or fax
  • Assists customers
  • Follows dress code (Wearing of the TrailerPlus shirt when on duty)
  • Speaks Spanish (a plus point only)
  • Undergoes training
  • Cleans and organizes shop
  • Has knowledge of basic tools
  • Has good mechanical skills
  • Informs administrators of critical issues

4.    Customer sales representative.

A sales representative should have experience in inside and/or counter work and phone sales. Wide range of experience in motorcycle trailers, automotive, industrial as well as mechanical spare parts is also needed. A customer sales representative gets first-rate pay, insurance (dental, vision, disability), and paid holidays. To meet the employee’s need midway, some companies also provide profit sharing. Sales representatives should pass a series of medical examinations and drug tests. Representatives should also present high school diplomas and should have excellent computer skills.

Here are the tasks of a customer sales representative:

  • Assists customer inquiries
  • Answers sales calls
  • Takes customer’s instructions
  • Provides technical assistance
  • Performs phone research
  • Maintains follow-up

Now that you have been presented with trailer sales opportunities, what are you waiting for? Get ready with your resume and be prepared for the interview. 


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