How To Join a Career Network

The news almost everyday tells the story. Unemployment up to 9.7% with 216,000 additions in August alone. A 26 year high and the 20th consecutive month of monthly decline.  Forecasters predict it will hit 10% in 2010. The worst many feel is yet to come.  But there is always opportunity, the problem is how do we find it.  Where do we look and how?

A career network may be your answer. Almost every major university provides a career network for its alumni.  The career network provides you a wealth of information for getting back in the job world, including resources on interviewing and idea's on job hunting campaigns.

The greatest asset of any career network, once you join one in your community, is its networking capabilities.  People just like you how can provide helpful information, support, ideas and insight into today's job market.

You don't need to do this alone, and why would you want to? Career networks are growing in numbers, and employers are going to their banks of resumes to find the best candidates for their next hiring efforts.  Yes, there are still jobs to be had.

New opportunities await the resilient job seeker.  Yes creativity helps, getting your name in front of the job market is a must.  The career network through your local college, church, or community center may be the first place to look before you send out another batch of resumes and cover letters.

You have nothing to lose and something to gain.  Go to your local college, or just search your area for job placement centers.  They are out there, and a quick search on the internet can point you in the right direction.

Attitude is everything when seeking your next job, and the attitude you bring with you can be enhanced with a new direction of hope and support from new resources.  You are not alone. Almost 1 in 10 are unemployed or underemployed.  Take the next step, seek out your local career network, or else you will never know what they can do for you.

Almost all of the career networks are free for the job seeker, some are paid for by fees from local employers.  So the cost is minimal to the job searcher.

In today's world of computers, email and social networking sites like Facebook and Linked In have their impact on staying connected. But truly we can never lose that sense of sharing real time with others in regards to sharing resources face to face.  Join and become part of the process that empowers, it just may lead you to your next job.


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