How To Join Blackwater Mercenaries: Security Consulting Company

Become a Blackwater Independent Contractor and Begin a Prestigious Security Career

Blackwater is one of three U.S. companies that provide security for United States diplomats in Iraq. This private security organization was founded in 1997 by a former Navy SEAL. Blackwater is a relatively small player on a very large playing area. It is currently involved in a recruiting drive, searching for those who are qualified and who are seeking independent contracting opportunities. Blackwater doesn't hire candidates; they "contract" them as independent contractors.

Blackwater Security Consultants (BSC) begins the recruiting process to find an IC (independent contractor) by looking for those with very detailed resumes or CVs. Blackwater looks for those with prior military experience, including an intelligence and/or law enforcement background. Quiet and focused professionals are what Blackwater says it looks for in a long-term partnership. They emphasize the fostering of a team environment, team players, and those willing to go that extra mile - these are positions in which you must be willing to go beyond the typical eight hour day to complete the job. Blackwater doesn't intend to train their candidates; a candidate is already expected to know what to do when he arrives. If and when chosen, a candidate spends three weeks just finishing the job interview and orientation.  Many new hires describe this process as the longest three weeks of their lives - and they have to work hard during this period, because they can still be terminated at any time.

The resume that Blackwater will ask you to put together is comprehensive.  It's presented in a three-tiered format, focusing on three categories which correspond to different Blackwater jobs. Tier 1 details the requirements of a current Secret security clearance; you also need to demonstrate that you've had a minimum of eight years experience in the intelligence field. In this tier, one would list skills in such things as hostage rescue, communications, medic, close quarter battle, counterterrorist operations, and explosive ordnance disposal, to name just a few. Tier 2 requires a minimum of eight years in law enforcement or security operations, as well as a Secret security clearance. Skills listed are Executive/Close protection, reconnaissance and surveillance. Tier 3 mainly lists skills and experience in field operations.

Blackwater's age requirement is between 20 and 55 years of age, and candidates must be in excellent health. The candidate must have a clean record with law enforcement and the legal community, and a financial record that does not list a bankruptcy. There must also be no history of major illness or mental disorder.

In summary, although Blackwater conducts itself in ways similar to the armed forces, it is a private security firm.  It does not conduct basic military training. Without any form of military or law enforcement experience, chances are slim to none that a candidate will be considered for this security company. However, if you believe you have the necessary qualifications, a resume can be submitted following the BSC guidelines, in Microsoft Word format. Once the resume has been reviewed and the applicant's capabilities are found to apply to existing contract requirements, the candidate will receive literature describing the hiring process and the paperwork required to contract with BSC.


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