How To Get a Job as a Legal Recruiter

In the job hunting process, people often fail to realize the important role of the legal recruiter. Almost everyone needs to have a job. Most job hunters who have had difficulties in finding a job by themselves tend to be successful in their job hunt with the help of a legal recruiter. Legal recruiters are people who are most experienced in the job hunting process. They have the best resources available in helping lawyers get placed.

In this bleak economy of layoffs and shutdowns, it may be disheartening to pursue a legal recruitment job. Nevertheless, it should be expected that this economic recession is temporary and that job hiring of lawyers will become active again among law firms and legal corporations. When this happens, these businesses will need legal recruiters to help them place the right legal people in their organizations. If you are interested in this career, then read on the following tips on how to get a job as a legal recruiter.

  1. A legal recruiter is expected to have a college degree. A degree on recruitment is a plus. Most legal recruiters have a degree in psychology as the job involves dealing with different people. It is also preferable that the legal recruiter has experience in a law firm.
  2. A legal recruiter is expected to be a highly organized person. He should have a vast number of law firms and their job openings. His organizational skills will be used to compile a database of law firms and classify them according to region, state or city.
  3. A legal recruiter should have a deep knowledge of writing resumés and cover letters. He should write dynamic resumés and cover letters, enough to make prospective employers impressed with the candidate.
  4. A legal recruiter should have strong people skills. He should be a person who is at ease with speaking to people of different statures, as he will be interacting with both employers and lawyer candidates. He should also be a person capable of interviewing a candidate.
  5. Lastly, a legal recruiter should have a strong credibility. Although a credible reputation may be built in the long run, it should be a legal recruiter's goal to be highly impressive and likeable in the eyes of the law firm's big bosses.

Now, after the requirements have been set, here's another important question in learning how to get a job as a legal recruiter - Where do you start?

Traditionally, legal recruiters are employed by recruitment and staffing agencies. Aside from the common requirements stated above, these agencies might have other requirements to look for in a legal recruitment candidate. There are also online legal recruitment jobs that allow the legal recruiter to work from home. However, this option usually does not offer a regular salary, but only gives a commission on each successfully placed candidate. Be encouraged that after a few years of being an expert in this field and after building a strong reputation, you may have the opportunity to set up your own legal recruitment office in the future.


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