How To Make Career Changes

You have been working at your present job for many years and you feel that it is time to make a change, but are unsure how to start. It can be a scary thing to do, but with the suggestions offered below you can make that change very successfully.

The first thing that you need to consider is what kind of career you are interested in switching to. Outline your present and past skills and interests, and any goals that you would like to set for your new career. You can do research on a new career field through your library, local career center or online.

Once you have chosen a new career field, do some research on the training and skills you will need in order to enter the field. You may be able to make a career change based on your present skills, or you may have to go back to school in order to receive the appropriate training, certification, or degree that is required. At this point, start looking at schools that offer classes at night or online.  This way, you will be able to  complete at least some classes while working in your present job. There is also information available through these institutions regarding tuition assistance, grants and loans.

The plan is now ready to be acted upon.  It is a good idea to set smaller goals to make the transition. Take things one step at a time, making sure to complete each step and not attempting to do too much at once. Be certain that you fully understand the requirements of the new job, the training, salary, and how it will match your own personal work goals. When you are ready to make the switch, be sure to give your present job plenty of notice so that they can prepare for your departure. Leaving your past job on a good note is essential to having a solid work history, especially when your future boss may contact your present supervisor about your application.

If you plan step-by-step and outline your interests and goals before making the jump, you will feel more secure in your new career choice. The key ingredient is to meet the basic requirements and to complete your training before you start your new career. This way, with the tips above, you will be successful in making a career change that works. 


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