How To Make Your Desk a More Creative Space

Getting your first job often means getting your own office workspace or cubicle. Seeing as how cubicles can get so monotonous, you want to do something that will make that workspace more fun and lively and not so boring.

Often times we see office spaces with monotone colours and having no life at all. It is like when you go inside one, you have the entire colour drained out of you. If you notice the offices of game developers, you will see that their offices are colourful and rife with life. Each cubicle has its own personality, maybe one person has lined it with action figures, or another has adorned it with posters of his favourite video game. This makes for a much more fun and happy atmosphere. Happy employees make for productive employees.

So how can you make your own workspace creative and exciting? A fun workspace always squeezes out the maximum creativity of a person. The office space of the person is like his own meditation area. Here they come up with ideas that will help the company or possibly be the next big innovation in the world. So you have to make sure that your cubicle will be conducive to your productivity.

Of course the first step would be to find you own workspace. You have to be sure that you are comfortable in that space and you are not feeling too cramped in it. Feeling uncomfortable will only be detrimental to your productivity.

The next step would be to create the perfect ambiance for it. If you like lighting up scented candles or playing hard core metal music over your computer, find things that will help you relax while you work. As much as possible, you want to avoid things that will only further your stress.

Make the work space your own. If it even means that you need to place your name on it, then so be it. That work space should be an extension of your home. Once again, you have to feel relaxed while inside the office and feeling at home will only help achieve that. Decorate the walls with favourite quotes of inspiration so you can keep yourself motivated as you work. Set up a little screen by the entrance opening to provide a little privacy. Put in your favourite posters and family pictures to strengthen that homey feeling.

Then you would have to organize your equipment. Know where everything is. A messed up workspace will only lead to stress and that is what you are trying to avoid. Looking for bond paper or a ball pen during an important phone call will not help.

Keep evolving. Once you have done those things mentioned above, never stop making your own workspace. Keep doing things that you know will help you be more creative and productive at work. Keep a stock of scented candles when you run out. Bring along your portable gaming device just in case the work day is slow. Do these things and you will be a happy and productive employee.


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