How To Manage a Technical Help Desk

For the non-tech savvy person, seeking the help of a technical help desk professional is the closest thing to salvation. Support people at the technical help desk are placed there because of their technical expertise. However, calls of distress will not be always nice. It is the role of the technical help desk manager to make sure that both the client and the person handling the call are both happy.

Here are some tips in effectively managing a technical help desk:

  1. Analyze the current practices of your technical help desk. Carefully check the procedures involved in call handling and technical support. Probably, your help desk already has teams that specialize in specific technical issues. Scrutinize the good and bad points. Integrate the good points from some of the existing teams and try to apply them to other teams. Flexibility to adopt new changes is necessary.
  2. Align your existing provisions to the broader requirements that are needed by the business. Some form of service level management should be established within your technical help desk. You may need to adjust existing procedures to achieve this.
  3. Assess and analyze costs. Each call handled by the technical help desk center has a monetary value. Keeping constant watch of these values will help you work out better ways in reducing costs while simultaneously improving customer service. You may also formulate ways to shorten the span of calls by educating your technical help desk staff about better ways of resolving technical issues.
  4. Choose your people wisely. Technical help desk staff members often have a hard time adopting good customer service skills. It is probably because of the technical nature of their job that makes them somewhat insensitive to human nature. It would be better to have half of your staff as technical experts lacking in customer service skills and the other half customer-oriented individuals that have a thirst for acquiring technical expertise.
  5. Experience is the best teacher. You must condition yourself to learn from your mistakes. Any unfamiliar technical problems should be researched thoroughly even after it is already resolved. That way, the next time that a call of the same nature is received, call span in resolving the technical issue is lessened. Familiar technical issues will not be escalated again to the second line support group, since the first line technical help desk operative will just refer to the solution that was determined when the problem was first resolved.
  6. Seek the help of your vendor. You need not endure the issues alone. Involve your technology vendor by demanding technical support. Provide feedback after resolving an issue so your vendor will also have an idea on things to improve on their part.

As with any other business, effectively managing a technical help desk takes time and experience. Changes cannot be done in just one take. It is better to make baby steps and adjust the changes along the way. After all, a technical help desk still deals with customers with unpredictable personalities.


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