There was a time when hard work, determination, and patience were all you needed to be successful. Entire generations went out and made their way based on this principle of hard work and determination, and they taught their children to do the same. Over time, this method of doing business has been lost and replaced by a new principle. Networking is a principle that millions of people swear upon. These days, the old adage has never been more true:  it’s who you know, not what you know.

Networking has become the most important resource for anyone hoping to move up in the corporate world. Hard work and determination are still needed; however, these are no longer enough to get you to the top. The game has changed. Today, you are at a real disadvantage if you are not a person who can get out and meet people and build networks. Although many have heard the term networking, there may be a few people who really don't know what networking means.

Networking is describes the process of meeting people, building contacts and using these contacts for future purposes, whatever that purpose may be. There are many who may have a low opinion of the philosophy behind networking, but it is a skill that is worth developing. Time and again, those who want to get ahead in corporate America, politics or any other area have come to accept that, although meeting someone with a future agenda in mind is a little disturbing, it also happens to be the way the game is played.

Not everyone possesses this crucial skill. It seems like it should be easy to just get out, socialize and make contacts - but it really is not. This is truly a skill that you'll need to take time to hone. There are a few people who are just naturals at networking. They truly have the gift of meeting and socializing with others. They actually enjoy people, and their laughs and smiles are genuine and sincere. The people who are able to network well and can use these skills to their advantage will become the future CEOs and political figures who will run big business and our country. Whatever your feelings are on networking, this skill in combination with hard work and determination are a recipe for success.


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