New Research in Chemical Engineering

New research opens up new opportunities. Be it a discovery or a solution to a problem, they are all because of starting a new study. This is basically the reason why most governments and organizations fund these processes. And much more priority is given to research in Chemical Engineering. This field is given attention because chemical engineers are pioneers in processing raw materials or chemicals that they convert into a more useful and valuable form. They are also behind software engineering, where they start new techniques and technologies like nanotechnology and biomedical engineering.

Research completed by chemical engineers gave rise to the production of products like:

  • Industrial chemicals
  • Ceramics
  • Fuels
  • Agrochemicals
  • Plastics
  • Explosives
  • Detergent products
  • Fragrances and flavors
  • Pharmaceuticals

Because of the known contributions of the products of their research, engineering universities and some companies always look for new discoveries. They usually use current techniques and new design ideas in all aspects of theory, development, and experimentation to come up with useful materials.

Modern Chemical Engineering

Most universities that offer Chemical Engineering as a degree train students regarding the field in its widest sense. The reason for that is most chemical engineering jobs require a wide knowledge in the application of the study.

A lot of chemical engineering jobs today require production of high performance materials for automotive, aerospace, electronic, biomedical, space, environmental, and military applications. These include products like:

  • Ultra strong fabrics and fibers
  • Composites and adhesives for vehicles
  • Bio-compatible materials for prosthetics and implants
  • Gels used in medical applications

New Breakthroughs in Chemical Engineering

To better advance in the field of chemical engineering, new research studies are being started and worked on. For example, students getting a degree in Chemical Engineering in universities yearly work on research ideas. This is where simple and complex discoveries in the field usually come from.

However, studies don’t only come from Chemical Engineering universities. A company with specific goals also starts projects like these through opening chemical engineering jobs. With chemical engineers’ help, they are able to introduce new products for the market, which have proven helpful to the majority of the public.

Though there are already a lot of studies made in the field, some new research ideas are being conceptualized. Some even come from the results of previous studies that need to be improved or redesigned. Some of the topics for research nowadays include:

  1. Distillation and Absorption
  2. Fluid Flow
  3. Heat and Mass Transfer
  4. Materials Processing and Product Development
  5. Oil and Natural Gas Production
  6. Particle Technology
  7. Pharmaceutical Engineering
  8. Process Systems and Software Engineering
  9. Reaction Engineering
  10. Separation Process

All the topics for research may have been touched by previous studies already. However, as the technology advances, more and more demands from the public are challenging the field. This is the reason why chemical engineer jobs focus on discovering new breakthroughs to cater to the needs of the people.

Indeed, the world owes a lot to the results of chemical engineering research. Each individual company and all the chemical engineers behind every project should be thanked for the jobs they are doing. Without their pioneering research, the world’s technology might not be advancing up to the present.


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