How To Survive your First Week at the Office

First impressions last, this statement is true for most cases. That's why it is important to leave a good first impression to people, especially at work. Being on your first week at work is crucial and will define what your officemates or boss will make of you in the months or years to come.

Surviving your first week of work might sound unappealing or even terrifying to some, but it is in fact quite simple to achieve. You just have to give a right amount of several things in order to achieve this. Here are a number of things that you should remember when going through your first week of work.

Take down notes. Since it is your first day or week of work it's highly likely that you will receive a lot of pointers and reminders during your whole day orientation. You should be ready with your pen and paper as soon as they start giving you information. It is important to write down these types of information especially those about the rules around the office.

Speak up. During orientation or when talking to your boss for the first time, make sure that you talk with a clear voice that is loud enough for your boss to hear. Don't be shy if you have questions or if you miss something that your boss says. Go ahead and ask your boss politely about it and this time, pay attention so that it wouldn't happen too often.

Find a buddy. A lot of companies have buddy or team systems wherein you will be assigned a buddy or groupmates on your first day. They have been in the company longer than you so it's important to listen to everything that they have to say. Don't be afraid to also ask questions about common things in the office. You can ask even small things like what time or where do they usually eat their lunch.

You may be placed on probation. New employees are often put on "probation" during their first few months in the company. This means that you are being monitored closely by your boss and/or supervisor. While others might get away from taking long smoke breaks or talking on the phone with friends, you should try to avoid those things during your probationary period. Learn to work hard and stay out of trouble.

Be confident. Never feel insecure just because it's your first day at work. You have to show your officemates, and more importantly your boss, that you were hired for a reason and that they can rely on you to do your job and more. Shake hands firmly and be confident.

Blend in. Although your goal is to be noticed by your boss and stand out from the rest, you must also remember to blend in. You are just a new employee and it is possible that your officemates or teammates know about the job more than you do. Try to go with the flow at first, learn your craft carefully and when you think you're ready, then, you can start suggesting new things for the team and company.


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