How To Handle Conflicts with your Boss

You cannot please everybody and usually the pressure is on especially if you need to satisfy your boss or your immediate superior in terms of your work. But how can you handle conflicts when both of you and your boss are concerned?

Step 1: As long the disagreement is not personal, you do not need to worry. Of course, you have to guarantee that this will have no effect on your personal relationship with him outside the office. If you think that this is giving you emotional stress, you have to talk with your superior and clarify the issues.

Step 2: Know the real score. Find out what makes him pissed off if he is continuously ignoring you. Have you done something wrong without your knowing or are there any gossips that he heard from you concerning this matter? If you think that you are both products of office rumors, why not approach him and tell your side. After all, he is your boss.

Step 3: Sad to say, you don't have any choice but to communicate with your boss. Stay calm whenever you approach him or you need to present something. He would feel that you have a strong personality and is not affected of any differences, and this might be a good start of conveying his other side of the story.

Step 4: Speak politely. Even though you both have conflicts, he is still your boss and you do not have any alternative but to surrender to him. For sure, your boss will not abuse his position by being harsh on you. If that happens, you can always bring this issue to the human resources department and discuss your story. Otherwise, treat him with no extra commotion at all.

Step 5: Prove your worth. You are a sore to him; therefore, you must exert extra effort to make sure that he is not taking action against you. If you are going to submit a report, review it clearly and if you can, deliver it before the deadline. Just make sure that you know how to defend it too, so that when he asks questions, you can answer it with your head up high. Once more, do everything to impress him and in no time, you will see the difference.

Step 6: Do not tell anyone about the conflict with your boss. It is not healthy in the workplace and to prevent others from getting involved, too. If you feel that you need to vent out your emotions, consult your closest friend who does not work in the organization.

Step 7: If you feel that this is taking a toll and your performance is getting affected, then, approach your boss and ask him about his concerns. Along the way, you will get his side of the story and at least everything would be clear to you.

Whatever are the reasons of the conflicts, remember that your boss will be evaluating your performance. So before you get a low evaluation score, it's up to you to handle the situation to your benefit.


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