How To Play April Fools Office Jokes

Tired of the same old 9-5 grind?  Want to live things up in the office a bit?  Here are some great April Fool's pranks to pull on your office co-workers next April 1st. These are guaranteed to make even the stodgiest of your co-workers chuckle.

One tried and true April Fool's joke is to arrive early before your co-worker does.  Get a sturdy, cardboard box and pack it full of your co-worker's private possessions.  Most co-workers have family pictures, and little personal knickknacks on their desk.  Arrange these neatly in the box, and put it in the employee's chair.  This gives a feeling of having nowhere to sit, and enhances the April Fool's joke experience.  Attach a post it to the box, stating the employee should see the Human Resources manager as soon as he/she arrives at work.  Be sure to stop the person from actually going to the HR manager, most people arrive to work a bit sleepy, and not at their peak.  Therefore, they may have no clue it is actually April Fool's Day.

Toilet pranks are always hilarious ways to play April Fool's jokes on your office companions.  Try to be the last one to leave the night before April Fool's Day.  Empty a container of clear or lemon gelatin into the toilet.  This will harden and gel overnight.  Imagine your co-workers surprise when their tootsie rolls sit on top of the gelatin proudly.  No harm will be done to the plumbing system, as the gelatin only needs to be broken up to flush properly.

Super Glue a half dollar coin down in a common area, such as the break room, or near the coffee pot.  Be sure to conceal your laughter as you see person, after person, bend down and try to dislodge the coin.

Another great way to fool your office companions on April Fool's Day is to find someone who is a bit prideful of their automobile.  Arrange for a co-worker to distract this employee while you secretly "borrow" the keys to their car.  Run to the parking garage and move their car to a totally different level. People are creatures of habit, and most park in the exact same spot every day.  You and your co-workers will be rolling over with laughter as the victim tries to locate their beloved car.

April Fool's jokes are a harmless way to bring a little laughter to our everyday lives. Be creative, have fun, and if the joke is on you, just laugh and say, "That's a good one!"


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