How To Do Popular Team Building Exercises

Team building is not all about business training and leadership training. Team building is all about team development. In team building, you are given certain activities wherein your skills will be tested. Also, you may be given exercises that would show the skills you already possess, or those you can enhance.

Team building activities are usually fun and enjoyable for both employers and employees. Though I’m sure many of you would agree that some team building games and exercises could either be a hit or a miss. Some of these activities may be too strenuous or sometimes too boring, even.

Here is a list of some popular team building games and exercises that I’m sure everyone would enjoy!

  1. Screamer. This is an icebreaker. This seems easy enough, doesn’t it? I find this particular game hilarious. The object of the game is to be the only person left standing. Here’s what you need to do. You need to get everyone in a circle. Instruct them that they need to bow their heads until you (the facilitator) say go. Once you say go, they need to look someone in the eye and if that person looks eye to eye with them, they need to scream (or shriek, if that’s what you prefer) and both players are out. It’s a fun game to get rid of the nerves and all inhibitions.
  2. Six Degrees of Separation. This game is great for your team to get to know each other more. When you know more about a person, you tend to work more comfortably with him. That’s why this certain exercise would be good in team building. All you need to do is find a partner and write 5 things that you have in common. You can start with the basics – age, hometown school, etc. You can also compare dislikes, names of pets or anything that interests you both. After that, you need to find another partner who has at least one of the 5 things, you previously wrote, in common with you. Repeat all previous steps until you’ve done it 5 more times. The first one to get 6 people is declared the winner.
  3. 2 Truths and a Lie. I’m sure most of you have already heard of this game. Like the name of the game, you have to say 2 truths and a lie about yourself. Then you choose someone else to guess which one is a lie. If they guess correctly, they’re off the hook and if they don’t, there should be a consequence! This is a fun exercise because it will get everyone to open up!
  4. The Amazing Race (insert company name here). This is probably the most effective team building activity. You will learn so much from each other from this exercise. You will develop teamwork from listening to each other and giving in to other people’s opinions. You will also develop skills like active listening, following directions thoroughly and flexibility.

Teambuilding activities don’t have to be strenuous and boring. In fact, if you invent a game that’s specifically designed for your company, I’m sure everyone would enjoy it more!

Always remember that if you are the one organizing the team building activity, bear in mind what kind of games everyone would enjoy as well as bring the team together to build/mold the skills they need. Know what your objectives are so that you can pick the activities that will be profitable for the company and at the same time boost the team’s morale for the company’s productivity.


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