How To Get Quality Assurance Careers

When you purchase a product you want the assurance that it has passed certain quality requirements. Without this, the product may be deficient in quality. Doing quality assurance checks is very important, especially now that consumers are becoming more and more aware and meticulous about the products they buy. Due to this, companies are always looking for people to form their quality assurance team. Quality assurance aims to ensure the quality of certain products through having a well-planned and very systematic process of product and production process review. The company should be confident that the process could check suitability and quality of the product for its intended purpose.

Though this process does not actually guarantee quality, it works to promote it and at least weed out the worst offenses. Besides, even the best companies cannot guarantee quality with quality assurance or quality management because only the consumers can determine whether the product passed their definition of "quality." Being that, quality assurance remains a very challenging department to work in. The continuous search for competitive people promises a long period of high demand for professionals who can handle such careers. Some of these professionals are:

  • Quality assurance manager. This professional works as one of the pillars of a company's quality assurance team. He is basically expected to support and look over the entire processes of quality assurance. This professional will tell what should be done, how to do it, where, and when. He also manages quality improvement once a product fails quality testing. Being the head of the quality assurance team, the manager is the one responsible for ensuring the optimum performance of his team as well as the safety and appearance of the products. The big responsibility is worth it, with an average yearly salary of more or less than $85,000. But before that, the professional needs first to finish at least an associate's degree program inn Applied Science in Quality Assurance. Any other related courses are also accepted as long as they come from a qualified education institute.
  • Quality assurance associate. This professional works closely with the manager in quality testing or the process of ensuring that every product is safe and efficient for the intended use. He will be among those who can validate the quality of a product. Entry-level professionals working as a quality assurance associate get an average salary of about $37,000, while the common salary for the experienced professionals is more or less $47,000. This promising salary can already be obtained with only a high school diploma, though most companies prefer professionals who have completed a four-year college degree program in quality assurance or related fields.
  • Other quality assurance careers. The two mentioned are the most common careers in quality assurance. However, there are still some job positions important in this industry. But the availability of some of these jobs will depend upon the company's industry.

Quality control consultant, quality assurance specialist, quality control coordinator, quality assurance supervisor, and quality assurance inspector are just some of the wide variety of careers in quality assurance. Though these are not as common as the first two, these careers can still offer you a competitive salary in a challenging working environment. But of course, these professionals can't start the job without finishing certain degree programs.

Similar positions are needed for quality control. This is especially true since quality control, quality management, and quality assurance work hand-in-hand and for the same purpose--maintaining customer satisfaction by ensuring product quality.


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