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Some things start small while others start on as a hit.  Regions Bank did not exactly flash fireworks the first time it opened in Alabama but it now has a name almost synonymous with customer satisfaction.  With both its easy online features and friendly competent staff, it has raised interest in the use of technology and competence to serve the public's banking needs.

The bank is actually one of the banks that own not only one or two but three banks in its own name.  Region Banks started out as an ideal bank for the businessmen in Alabama who wanted to build a strong establishment in the state.  They planned to merge First National Bank in Huntsville, First National Bank of Montgomery and the Exchange Security Bank.  Fast forward to the present, Regions Bank is still making mergers.  During 2004, Memphis' Union Planters Corporation or more commonly known as Planter's Bank was placed under the Regions Bank's wings.

Regions Bank now officially named as Regions Financial Corporation, is still strong as ever and it needs able hands to continue the growth and the challenge of modern banking.  In addition to phone service, it has Regions Financial, Regions Online (where customers can login) and Regions Mortgage (for foreclosures and mortgages) to name a few. Take a peek at the list below as some of the hottest positions found with Regions Bank.  If you have what Regions needs, you could be part of the team that changes the way customers view banking forever:

  1. Part-time and full-time Teller - This position requires hands-on transaction application and knowledge in Region's routing number, checks, depositing, or wire transferring.  Applicants must be familiar with stress management, must be polite and friendly as well as well-versed in sales.  This 32-hour position (for part-time) requires a high school diploma and good handling of numbers as well as completing the Regions Financial Corporation's Teller Assessment, with preferably a minimum of 6 months of prior experience in managing cash and customer service.
  2. Head Teller - This position will require the individual to supervise six tellers, take care of initial customer service as well as its referral, with mastery of the teller job as well as being well-experienced in sales.  Applicants must submit high school diploma; take a Region Financial Corporation's Teller Assessment with preference to coaching or teaching experience and experience as substitute head teller.
  3. Assistance Branch Manager - This position requires a high school diploma, with two years experience in sales, good leadership skills, excellent use of communication skills, good background and practice on processing software (Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point) as well as the ability to work as part of the team. 
  4. Branch Assistant - This position has the person work as a mobile ‘branch expert', they must be an experienced and highly competent sales representative with excellent use of written and oral communication skills.  High school diploma is required while a Bachelor's degree in a relevant financial or management course is highly preferred.
  5. Branch Sales Manager - The position will demand for completion and achievement of operation goals and objectives, facilitate development of the competency of staff members under supervision as well as being knowledgeable in promoting sales, uphold the bank's good name and success within the budget.  Must have a Bachelor's degree in a relevant course, 2-4 years experience in operating branches or the successful taking of the Retail Leadership Development Program.

For more details and more job positions, look for Regions Bank on the Internet or call your local operator.


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