How To Report a Co-Worker to Human Resources

Often times in the workplace we encounter people with whom we don't get along. Most of the time, we can just grit our teeth and go about our business, but on occasion those co-workers' actions or words interfere with our right to work in a non-hostile work environment. On those occasions we find ourselves in the position of having to report a co-worker to Human Resources (HR).  If you're in this position, it may help you to educate yourself on HR policies in your state; you can do this through online classes.

The best way to begin the process of reporting a co-worker is to organize your thoughts in writing. Whether it is just one incident or several incidents, writing down exactly what happened will make the situation clearer to the human resource worker and to yourself as well. When you begin to write it all down, make sure that you include dates and times to the best of your recollection. Including who else was in the room or car at the time of the incident can provide valuable information as well.

Once you've organized your thoughts in writing, it's time to take your complaints to a human resource worker. Depending on the size of the company that you work for, you may need to make an appointment. Once you've made your appointment, make sure that you arrive on time and are dressed in a professional manner. During the meeting explain the situation to the human resource worker about your co-worker. Refer to your written paper so that you don't forget to include any of the details. If you are feeling emotional about the situation, it is alright to express that emotion so long as you don't disparage your co-worker.

The human resource worker may ask you to fill out an official complaint form, ask to attach a copy of the incident that you have already written down. It is all right to ask your human resource worker whether they have further instructions for you after the meeting.

Whether it is before the meeting with the human resource worker or afterwards, you may want to speak to your supervisor and let her know that you have had a conflict with your co-worker and that you have taken it up with the human resource department.  Ways to handle this conversation can be learned in any one of a number of online classes in HR.  You can easily sign up with online universities which offer these courses.

One thing you will not want to do is confront the co-worker who you have reported and inform him that you have been to human resources. Once you have made the report, it is solely in the hands of the human resource department. 


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