Schools with Degrees in Fashion Design and Merchandising

With today's world, there is always a desire for new and creative forms of expression, and one of them is clothing, or parts that contribute to this. Fashion has been around for a long time and this is one of the constantly growing and evolving industries at present. So where can you go to learn more about fashion design and marketing? Here are a few schools and sites that can help you.

  1. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - This school has a Bachelor of Science for Fashion and Retail Management. You can get your degree from the school itself, or for their online school. You will have a total of 180 credit hours for the course and a well-rounded idea of the fashion industry from manufacturing to selling guidelines. For more information and details for all the courses offered, browse through this page:
  2. International Academy of Design and Technology - The academy has an Associate of Science degree in Fashion Design and Marketing, which boasts of a spacious place for learning for students to learn the basics and create designs, along with enough general courses to keep you well-rounded in terms of information for both your course and the world. They also have Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design and Marketing, which trains you to be ready for the professional scene with advanced training and with the encouragement to bring out the uniqueness in your works, to show the theories applied in your own expressions. For more information on both courses, click their hyperlinks on this page:
  3. Westwood College - If your focus of study is on fashion merchandising, and not necessarily creating your own designs, Westwood College offers a course in Business Administration, Major in Fashion Merchandising. They prepare you for the potential jobs that you can take upon completing the course. They even have information on the different subjects they offer for you and help you prepare your portfolio and assist you in getting into potential employers. For more information on the kinds of jobs you can take after taking this course, refer here:
  4. Harrison College - They offer Fashion Merchandising (Associate of Applied Science) which is well-rounded even with the psychology of both marketing strategies and the way people dress. They also offer courses on effective presentations of both fashion and marketing strategies. They can even assist you in getting into different fashion organizations or working online as a retail manager for different types of merchandise. So make sure to learn the trends to get your way around this kind of career. For more information on the subjects offered and skills that you can learn, visit their fashion merchandise page:

There are many more fashion marketing colleges you can look up or ask about, and you can consider these as your starting point in exploring your options for your career in fashion design and merchandise. Each of the schools mentioned above also have fashion schools online so make sure to explore their sites thoroughly to understand how to enroll and the benefits you can get from either online colleges or classroom type lessons. 


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