How To Understand Security Guard Equipment

Guard equipment

Apart from a quality security guard uniform and regulation footwear, a flashlight and two-way radio are the two basic pieces of equipment that a security guard must have. Handcuffs and a baton or nightstick are a necessity if the security guard is in a position that might require the use of force or arrests. Security guard supplies and equipment can be bought at stores that supply the police department. Quality and reliability should be the utmost consideration when purchasing security guard supplies and equipment.

Other Security Guard Supplies and Equipment

  1. Pepper Spray. Pepper spray is very handy for personal self-defense, crowd control, riot control and even warding off  dogs and bears. The chemical compound that is present in the pepper spray, commonly known as OC spray (Oleoresin Capsicum) or OC gas, irritates the eyes to cause tears, pain and even temporary blindness. Pepper spray has been known to be lethal in rare cases.
  2. Stun Gun. A stun gun uses electrical shock to subdue a person. Stun batons and electroshock belts are other security equipment that function on the same principle as stun guns. These electroshock weapons use a temporary high-voltage low-current discharge to disrupt the body's muscles. The person will be immobilized when electrical shock is administered through these weapons. When the current has been applied, the recipient can be momentarily paralyzed and feels pain.
  3. Body Armor. A bodyguard or a personal security officer needs may need body armor such as a bullet-proof Kevlar vest to protect him in high risk situations. Protecting a famous politician or wealthy individuals from assault, kidnapping, assassination or stalking is the risky work of a bodyguard. If the bodyguard is the one providing safety to the client, then body armor is the equipment that helps provide safety to the bodyguard.
  4. Metal Detectors. These are normally used in airports, banks, malls, schools and other business establishments. The equipment uses electromagnetic induction to detect metals. Detection of weapons such as knives and guns is a deterrent measure that is necessary if we want peace and order to reign inside public buildings.
  5. Foul Weather Gear. This includes jackets, trousers, gloves, hats&caps and footwear. Thiss gear is waterproof and breathable and offers protection from the elements to security guards.  


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