How To Use a Career Center

A career center is a place where students, undergraduates and people who want to change careers go for help. A career center provides information on the different career paths that a person can enter into. There are several services provided by a career center that will greatly help a person in getting into the career of her choice. This is especially advantageous for people who have not yet decided on which career path to take.

Here are some examples of the services that you can get from a career center:

  1. Career Testing. A career test is given to an individual to determine what possible careers she can undertake based on her personality, her interests and her hobbies. A person who has not decided on a career path will find this useful, as the results will help narrow down the career path to take. The counselor will then provide you with career information based on your results.
  2. Career Counseling. There are different activities that can be done during career counseling. You will be able to learn how to make a resume that will impress your future employers. You will also be drilled on interviewing techniques so that you will be ready when you go for actual interviews. The career counselor will help you find the right company to submit your resume to. Another advantage of going to career counseling is that the counselor may have plenty of contacts in different fields. This opens more career opportunities for you.
  3. Resources. Career campus centers have a lot of resources that you can use for free. This may include brochures and pamphlets from companies, specialty books and magazines that focus on different careers, and sometimes even a directory that contains a lot of contacts and companies where you can possibly submit your resume.
  4. Job Fairs. Career centers also conduct job fairs from time to time. It is good to take advantage of this service so that you can scan the different companies you may want to apply to. By going to a job fair, you can personally give your resume to the company. Also, you will be able to compare the benefits of working for each company.
  5. Career Counseling for Career Change. Career centers are not only for students and fresh graduates. Some adults who have been in the same job for several years may choose to change to another career. A career counselor can help the individual to find a new career that will satisfy the person's needs. They may have one-on-one sessions where the career counselor can determine what career path to take next.

These are some of the services offered by a career center. Most career centers are for free, especially if they are located inside a school or a university. It is good to take advantage of the services offered by a career center so that you can have a guide on how to go about finding the right job or the right career path to take without having to be stressed about it.


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