How To Set up an Incident Management Response Team

An incident response team is a group of people who are assigned different tasks and duties in case there is security or emergency incidents that will happen. There are different incident response teams that are deployed from different organizations. The duties of the incident response team depend on the field of the organization that they belong to. An incident response team may consist of a few members or several members. This depends on the duties and tasks that are assigned to them.

Here are some tips on setting up your own incident response team:

  1. In-house or consultancy - You have two choices in setting up an incident response team. The first one is to hire a consultancy that will provide your organization an incident response team. The advantage of this is that you will cut on costs as the team will only be paid and needed whenever there is an incident, which does not happen everyday. Your second choice is to use people in your organization to set up the incident response team. The advantage of this is that the response team will be able to handle incidents with the policies and practices of your organization.
  2. Choosing people - If you decide to set up your incident response team using in-house people, you have to be able to choose members that are able to perform properly during an incident. The people have to be efficient and they have to be able to work as a team. They must also know how to follow orders, rules and regulations to be able to perform well during different incidents that may happen. Assign a person to a task where you think he will do well. There are a lot of different duties for different people in an incident response team. Some of these are namely a problem management person, incident response people, support management people, incident command people and incident tracking people.
  3. Training - Remember to immerse the whole incident response team in training. This will help them plan different solutions to different incidents that might occur. Forming the right team is critical, as each member of the team must know how to deal with the other members in order to function well. You can also ask them to participate in team building activities for them to be able to have a bond and work in harmony with each other when needed. Some of the different qualities you have to address for each member of your team are their management skills, technical skills, people skills, teamwork skills and their communication skills.

These are the essential things you will have to think about in forming an incident management team. The success of your team depends on these aspects. You have to be able to form a team that will perform excellent work both individually and as a team. They also have to be willing to work in the team in order for them to function and do their duties well as part of the incident management response team.


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