How To Understand ASE Mechanical Certification

Some automotive repair shops require their mechanics to be ASE or Automotive Service Excellence certified. The mechanics will be tested on their knowledge and skill on various vehicle systems. Generally, customers seek out certified technicians to get competent and professional service.

1.    Work attitude
Choosing an auto mechanic that is ASE certified will usually mean that your mechanic takes his job seriously enough to go through training and become certified. He takes pride in his job and wants to give the best service his customer or client can have. This tells you a lot about his work attitude and how reliable he will be with the task at hand. An ASE certified mechanic can rise above the ranks and take on other jobs at the shop. Although the ASE certified mechanic will be qualified and knowledgeable about all the aspects of repairing an automobile, he will also have an area of specialization. When you go to a shop with an ASE sign, you can ask for a certified mechanic who specializes in the specific problem you are having with your vehicle. 

2.    Well informed

An ASE certified mechanic will always be up to date with the latest in automotive engineering. They will be properly informed about problems on different model cars and from different car manufacturers. With this information, the ASE mechanic will do less guess work on your car and could pinpoint the specific problem right away. The right repairs can be done immediately on your vehicle, saving you on repairs. If there are certain developments in your particular brand of car, the ASE certified mechanic will most certainly hear about it, as manufacturers make it a point to inform all certified mechanics. This will greatly benefit you if there are components in your car that manufacturers deem faulty after they have launched the product and could offer to replace the part or the vehicle. As a client, the ASE certified mechanic will certainly keep you abreast of these developments as they learn about them.

3.    Years of experience
To get an ASE certification, one has to fulfill the required years of experience, in this case, 2 years of hands on experience. But some believe this is not enough, and other qualified mechanics who are not ASE certified have far more experience. So choosing between a mechanic who has ten years hands on experience behind him and a recently certified mechanic would be difficult for some customers.

ASE certified mechanics have gone through extensive training and testing to get certified. They take pride in their work and would certainly maintain the integrity of their certification by consistently giving their best service.


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