How To Start a Web Marketing Career

There are a couple of different ways to get started in web marketing; you will either have to go to work for a company or start your own internet marketing career.  The latter will be the focus of this article.

To start a web marketing career you need to decide on a product.  You can become an affiliate marketer for a number of large companies and receive commissions from customer purchases.  But the most common way to make money online is to sell products.  Pick a product you enjoy.  It can be a hobby or passion such as coins or martial arts supplies.  It must also be something that has wide audience appeal so you can profit.  You will most likely start your online business part-time until you can live on your earnings.

Once you have decided what type of web marketing career you want, there are some basic steps involved in getting started.

First, you will need to find a supplier.  There are many sources available online and in libraries.  Make sure you choose a reputable supplier.  Don't try to negotiate overseas deals when starting out.

Establish prices for your products and write summaries on them.  You will also need photos.

You will need a website.  There are a number of free sources out there that can get you started.  But if you want to develop a state-of-the art site to feature your products, your best option is to use a web designer.  These designers can be found anywhere.  Just supply them with your photos and product summaries and tell them what you want.  If you're primarily using Ebay or Yahoo, you can start out using their software and later develop your own storefront.  Either can provide you with complete details.

Next, you will need to start becoming familiar with internet lingo.  If you have your own site you might want to use various hyperlinks and autoresponders.  You may also want to learn HTML.

Finally, you will need to start marketing your website.  Some people use direct mail to market their websites but this is almost cost-prohibitive.  Your best option is to find someone knowledgeable in search engine placement such as Google and Yahoo.  People will type in a "keyword" to find available products.  The higher up you appear in these search engines the more traffic you'll get.  And more traffic means more potential profit.


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