How To Start a Career in IT

Choosing a career as an IT professional is an ideal decision. Technology is a constantly growing field, and the need for people knowledgeable in computers is becoming more apparent to business owners. Because the field is so enormous, those who decide to pursue this career are sometimes overwhelmed with the variety of options. But if the right path is chosen, and the necessary steps are taken, becoming an IT professional doesn't need to be such a daunting task.

To increase your chances in beginning a successful career in the IT field, make school your first stop. The technology field is rapidly growing and schools which are able to certify those who hope to pursue an IT career are sprouting everywhere. Begin with your A+ certification. Having this means that you are knowledgeable in preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, installation, and basic networking. Having this certification will help ease your way into an IT career.

Along with school, you can help start your IT career by becoming an apprentice. Small businesses and large corporations can take part in such a program. You are taken under the wing of the company's IT department and provided with hands-on training. If you are lucky, the company may even help you pay for other certifications. Although pay for apprenticeship programs isn't always the best, many companies will offer competitive salaries once your schooling is complete or you've at least fulfilled their basic training requirements.

As an apprentice, once you receive the necessary certifications your job is likely to be secured. However, if becoming an apprentice is not an option, you must begin a job search. Keep in mind that just about everything is computerized. Every company, every place of production or service utilizes computers. Local libraries and public schools are always a nice start. Although it isn't much money in the beginning, you will gain the experience you need and your resume will grow.

Stay in school. Technology is always evolving and to be a successful IT professional, you must be up to date in every way. While you are gaining experience and boosting your resume, continue to boost your knowledge. The more you know and the farther you go with your certifications, the higher you will soar above your competition.

It is important to network. Get out there and meet people in your field. Go to local meetings or conventions and spend time with those who share the same interest. Not only can you learn from networking, you can also promote yourself and your qualifications. Hand out business cards, and use the time to search for possible job opportunities.


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