How To Take the Geico Employment Test

So you want to work for Geico?  One of the first steps is to take Geico employment test.  Since they are looking for the best possible candidates to fill their positions, a pre-employment exam is given.  The exam is geared and created to evaluate the skills and knowledge of a potential employee.  The job type that you are applying for will determine what test you will be given. There may be some role-playing, a computerized exam or a review of basic skills.  The test is created with questions that are very similar to situations that you would encounter if employed by Geico, therefore weeding out those that would not be able to handle an on the job situation is the goal.    

Job applicant answers examGeico strongly encourages job applicants to apply through, but you can also go to one of Geico's office locations.  The Geico locations have an in-house computer that can be used to submit an application.  Once you've applied for employment and they feel that you are a possible match, you will be contacted for an interview and then the Geico test.    

The Geico test has a reading comprehension section.  There will be short stories that are to be read.  Each story is followed by a series of questions that pertain to the stories you read.  Remember that the stories may be situations that you would experience if you worked at Geico.

There is also a computerized section of the exam.  It is created to evaluate your typing skills, as well as your knowledge of computer programs.  The test is a basic skills test that consists of multiple choice questions.

Geico wants its employees to be able to communicate efficiently, so a grammar test may be given.

The role-playing part of the test is given to evaluate your skills as a sales associate.  A Geico representative may leave you unattended with a phone and give you a call mimicking situations that may be encountered while employed with Geico.  You may be also asked to pretend you are with another company and are pitching a product.  The Geico representative will also take on the role of a potential customer, who may not be interested or has a bountiful amount of questions.  Your goal is to remain calm, well collected, and to treat the Geico representative as you would one of their customers.  Answer the questions and take on the role to the best of your ability.  Geico is attempting to gather an idea of your sales skills, how you work with customers and how you handle various situations at a moment's notice.


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