Top 9 Most Profitable Trucking Jobs

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In 2018, there were 1.8 million truckers working

If you're interested in working in the trucking industry, there are many different specialties that you can go into. 

Believe it or not, working in the trucking industry can be quite lucrative. Discover the top high paying trucking jobs here.

1. Ice Road Trucking Jobs

An ice road trucking job can pay from $20,000 to $75,000 for just a few months of driving.

TV shows have glorified this job, and now it’s harder and harder to find one.

If you are able to find one, this is one of the most dangerous jobs that you could get. You’ll find yourself driving on ice roads, in extreme temperatures, with poor conditions, and lots of winter storms.

However, ice road truckers earn the most out of all the other jobs. They’re the brave souls who will help make sure deliveries are still done even when there is lots of ice on the road.

2. Specialty Car Haulers

If you don’t find the adrenaline of being an ice truck driver appealing, you could also be a specialty car hauler. 

Someone needs to transport cars that are damaged or need to be delivered. This is already a high-paying job, but if you deliver luxury or specialty cars, you can earn even more money.

The average salary for a transport driver is around $73,000. Some people have been able to earn up to $120,000 a year.

3. Team Driver

A team driver can also make a decent amount of money. It’s one of the fastest ways to become a rich truck driver.

One of the problems with being a team driver is that you can suffer burn out. The schedules to work these jobs are technically legal, but most drivers find that they can’t keep up with them for a long period of time.

The rate of pay and the number of miles sounds like a good idea, at least at first. You may encounter bad weather and delays which can cut down the miles for teams though, making it a scramble to meet those goals.

Being a successful team driver depends on a lot of variables, including the trucking company’s ability to schedule loads in an efficient way.

4. Over the Road Driver

If you’re in it for the long haul, you can be an over the road driver.

You have to be twenty-one years or older to get a gig like this, but you’ll make a good living. In this job, you’ll specialize in driving long distances, possibly even from coast to coast.

Doing this job will earn you about $40,000 to $50,000 a year.

5. Owner / Operator Truck Driving

If you’ve been driving for a long period of time and are ready to come off the road, you could always look into being an owner or operator of a truck driving company.

While owning your own business, you’re responsible for the expenses to operate the business. You’ll get to be your own boss which can be really rewarding.

If you’re running your own business, you could make up to $200,000 a year depending on what type of deliveries you’re making, how far you’re driving them, and how satisfied your customers are.

While you can make a lot more money doing this, there are also a lot of risks that come with owning your own trucking company.

6. Tanker Hauler

A tanker truck is one of the bigger trucks that can haul liquids like water or gasoline.

You’ll have to have your CDRL endorsed before you can do this job. That’s because hauling this cargo can be more dangerous and difficult since it’s not as stable. Getting certified and getting training can be helpful when becoming a driver

You can make up to $70,000 a year depending on what you haul. The extra training and certifications can be considered an investment in your career.

7. Hazmat Driver

A hazmat driver can make between $54,000 and $120,000. Hazmat drivers are guaranteed to get a minimum of $1,000 a week after they’ve had a year of experience.

This is similar to tanker hauling, but you’ll be transporting specifically hazardous materials. You’ll also need your CDRL endorsed for this as well. By having that endorsement, you’ll open a lot more doors and opportunities for specialized trucking.

You may be hauling things like gas or chemicals. These are all dangerous to be around, so you’ll need to know how to handle them.

8. Union Driver

If you’re a union driver, you may end up making better money than the average truck driver.

This is because unionized drivers set a standard rate of pay and ensure that all drivers are paid for the work that they were contracted to do.

There is normally a standard of raises built into a salary package as well. However, this may not be as competitive as other jobs out there.

9. Oversized Load Hauler

Lastly, you could also be an oversized load hauler.

While you’ll need a special license and some training to do this job, you do get paid more. You can earn between $53,000 to $90,000 a year. If you give up your social life, you can even earn up to six figures.

With this job, you’ll be driving oversized loads like heavy machinery and wide platforms.

Learn More High Paying Trucking Jobs

These are only a few of the high paying trucking jobs out there, but there are many more.

Before you apply for one of these jobs, make sure you do your research to see if there are any certifications or training required.

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