How To Get Tractor Trailer Jobs

Tractor trailer jobs are as heavy as the vehicle needed for the job. These are not as simple as toy trailer games and definitely, the vehicles you have to use are not as easy to drive as the toy trailers. You not only need courage to drive that big vehicle but also enough information and training for safe driving.

Knowing the Tractor Trailer

First, you have to learn the nature of the vehicle. The tractor-trailer is also known as a semi trailer truck or truck trailer in other nations. Its name came from the vehicle's make-up, which tows a big tractor.

You may find trailer trucks in many types such as box, bus, reefer, tanker, dry bulk, flatbed, lowboy, custom trailer, and car hauler. Each of these has its own uses but all will definitely need a good driver.

The Tractor Trailer Jobs

Tractor trailers or semi-trailers are not your usual car, cab, or semi trucks. These are special trucks and that's why driving them has special requirements also.

  1. Driver's license. Before anything else, you'll need a driver's license to be allowed to drive a tractor trailer. The size of these vehicles can be a danger which is why only licensed professionals can drive them. The required  driver's license varies from nation to nation. In the United States, the Class A commercial driver's license is required while Canada requires a commercial license Class I. The European Union, on the other hand, mandates category C+E driver's license.
  2. Know-how on tractor trailer maintenance. It's just common sense to study the science of the tractor trailer. Its dimensions and parts should be studied. In times of unexpected trouble, you can always do something to fix the problem if you know how to maintain it. Besides, drivers are the primary users of the tractor and therefore, they should know the vehicle's dimensions and parts like no other.
  3. Knowledge on processing necessary paperwork and inventories. Tractor trailers are usually used for commercial purposes. Delivery of Wal-Mart's products relies on tractor trailers. Even other big stores rely on these big vehicles to deliver their products.

You are surely ready to start your tractor trailer job if you have satisfied the above requirements. It's great if you have finally chosen the specific job you want. But if not yet, then maybe its time to get acquainted with the basic tasks of a trailer tractor driver

  • Local drivers. They usually accomplish their work within the day since they only drive smaller tractor trailers like semi trucks.
  • Regional drivers. Their work involves being on the road for about five to six days just to accomplish a single supply delivery to nearby states.
  • Dedicated drivers. They are exclusively driving custom trailers for one shipper only, usually big companies like Wal-Mart or Proctor and Gamble.
  • Over the road drivers. They can travel almost an entire country because they deliver shipments for various recipients situated in different places.

You might work as one or more of these truck trailers drivers but don't worry because your driver's license will allow you to do that.

Just keep in mind that every company has different requirements for their tractor trailer jobs. So before applying for any jobs, make sure to ask the company first about the job description and their expectations from you.


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