Transforming Negative Energy in the Workplace

Negative energy has the tendency to zap out the life in you. It’s something that you definitely don’t need, for it could make you feel burdened, 
slacking and lethargic. Felt in the workplace, it would just serve to blunt your performance, which could of course be disastrous to your career. 

So how can you transform negative energy in the workplace? 

  • Know the source of the negative energy.  By being aware of where this negative energy is coming from, you would be better equipped to zap it right at its roots. One question you might ask yourself is, when do I start feeling this negative energy? Perhaps you wake up late, hurrying through your morning rituals and riding it out through rush hour traffic. If this were the case, then you’d have to adjust to avoid this toxic situation. Wake up bright and early so you won’t have to stress about being late and being caught in traffic. You’d have plenty of time to pamper yourself and then to enjoy your bacon and eggs, plus the hot cup of coffee. These little rituals go a long way for you to feel primed for work. 
  • Examine yourself.  Sometimes negative energy has no manifest reason apart from just being an emotional state. Now be honest with yourself. Do you maintain a happy disposition and positive outlook in life? Remember that being happy is a choice. There are so many things that could give you reason to be content and at peace. One suggestion is to keep a blessings diary where you could jot down everything that you are thankful for—your family, your health, or the beautiful weather.   Expect the negative energy to be dispelled as you glance through the things in life that give you much pleasure.
  • Focus on the important stuff.  Identify what needs to be given more focus instead of dwelling on the 
negative energy. Are you bothered by the chattering of the person in 
the workstation beside yours? Only if you give it your full attention does it have the power to inconvenience you. Transforming this negative energy may be as simple as blocking out the sounds and concentrating on your work. Remember: negative energy has as much control over you as you allow it to have.
  • Establish better relations at work. 
Nothing attracts people to you more than if you are positive and if you maintain a healthy and happy disposition. Smile a lot! Interact with your co-workers, have lunch with them, and if you have extra time, listen as they recount to you how their kid got a silver medal at his school swim meet. Remember, these people are the ones you spend most of your weekdays with, so it’s worth it to invest time in building a healthy relationship with them. Also, avoid gossiping or bad-mouthing other people. Find something nice to say about everyone. Do random acts of kindness. Forgive much. You soon find that you yourself are the source of the positive energy that people around you, and you yourself are enjoying.
  • Transform your workstation. Your workstation is your second home, and spending hours at a time there definitely affects your state of mind. Take time to de-clutter your workstation, organizing it as suits you best. Decorate it with pictures and items that make you joyful: pictures of your family members, gifts given to you by your friends, that pillow given to you by your sweetheart, whatever it takes to make you feel more relaxed and at ease (within company limitations, of course).  

As you transform the negative energy at your workplace with the help of these tips, watch your career soar. Here’s to more promotions!


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