How To Get Veterinary Technician Jobs

Being a veterinarian is not the only career option if you want to enter the veterinary world. Why not consider being a veterinary technician? You will need fewer years of study and have less responsibility, yet you can still take care of animals. However before you can be a veterinary technician, you should first prepare. Reading an online magazine about becoming a veterinary technician can help.

Some jobs for this career are:

  1. Common veterinarian technician jobs. These include providing basic counseling to clients, giving necessary treatments for usual pet problems, taking blood samples, and taking histories.
  2. Technical jobs. A veterinarian technician is expected to know how to scrape skin and take and process radiographs. They should also know how to perform laboratory tests and procedures like those done by a radiology technician or dental technician.
  3. Veterinary assistant jobs. They are expected to assist in the animal’s physical examination to determine any injury or illness. They can also administer medications, blood products, fluids, and maintain anesthesia as long as these are prescribed by the veterinarian. Veterinary technicians should prepare the instruments and equipment needed by the veterinarian when performing surgery. They will have jobs similar to that of radiology technicians by making sure that the support equipment and monitoring devices are working perfectly.
  4. Patient care jobs. These include taking a temperature, recording a pulse, checking respiration, applying splints, cleaning teeth, and dressing wounds. A veterinary technician is also responsible for catheterizations, performing ear flushes and feedings. Aside from that, they should know how to use necessary patient care equipment like ultrasonographic, radiographic, and electrocardiographic equipment. They should be capable of also being a dental technician for animals.
  5. Maintenance jobs. Technicians are expected to keep an inventory of pharmaceuticals, supplies, and equipment in addition to maintaining patient treatment records. They are also expected to aid, as needed, with other veterinary practices and administrative tasks.

If you are interested in becoming a veterinary technician, start by taking a two-year veterinary technology training course like Veterinary Technology from an accredited school or college. After that, you will need to pass the Veterinary Technician National Exam. In some states, a four-year Veterinary Technology course from a registered college is required before one is allowed to take the certification exam or obtain a license.

In addition to obtaining the necessary education and certification, a veterinary technician needs to possess good communication skills. The ability to relate to and work well with others, and the ability to be detail oriented are important skills in this profession. However, above all else, a veterinary technician requires a special love for animals.

Your hard work and efforts will be rewarded with a nice salary. The average hourly wage for these professionals is $13, while the average annual salary is about $27,000.


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