How To Find Waste Management Careers

Having a career in waste management is very noble. You'll get to help with your community through collecting, transporting, processing, recycling, disposing, or monitoring the different waste materials. You will help to make this earth be more livable, plus you will make a very attractive salary. All these benefits and more will be yours if you take a career in waste management.

Working in the recycling center is among the most popular careers in waste management. But waste management is very broad so more of its careers involve working outside the recycling center. Professionals in waste management also get the chance to work on environmental management and other environmental services. However, whatever career you want to pursue, getting the necessary education and training will be your starting point. Get to know some careers in the waste management field.

  • Composting Operator - This job involves the controlled and strategic composting, which is a process of degrading waste. Some of the courses needed to complete the study for this career are science of composting, waste disposal, facility development, composting process, quality and classification, environmental concerns, and feedstock technologies.
  • Hazardous Waste Manager - This is one of the most popular careers in waste management. As a professional working in this field, you will be expected to know the different waste categories like hazardous, universal, non-hazardous, and potentially hazardous. You will also identify the proper labeling, storage, and container for different hazardous waste. Also, preparing, implementing, and inspecting waste will be parts of the job.
  • Integrated Solid Waste Manager - Professionals in this field will work around the landfill aspects, operations on hazardous waste, and composting. Its commonly required courses are waste decomposition, waste treatment, landfill design, landfill operations, and toxicology.
  • Landfill Operator - As its name suggests, professionals in this field will work on the various aspects in the landfill operations. You will also be expected to work on the eight foundations of landfill operations, which are regulations, landfill operations, landfill construction, landfill design, surveying, engineering, geology and hydrology, and waste decomposition.
  • Wastewater Analyst - This professional will have to work mostly in laboratories studying the different formations of a wastewater. Analysis is done under various lab methods like microbiological, titrimetric, electrochemical, spectrophotometric, and gravimetric.
  • Water Analyst - This is almost the same as the wastewater analyst; however, a water analyst covers a larger range of duties. He will have to take tests on the residue, acidity, calcium, alkalinity, hardness, chloride, fluoride, pH, and coliform of the water.

These careers are highly connected with waste disposal and waste treatment. You may even get the chance to work with environmental services or environmental management teams. Actually, waste management is still a very broad subject. All the jobs related to it will never fit on this page. Waste management knows no geographical boundaries, either. Its professionals are always needed even by private companies in Seattle or other states in Northwest America.

Competition in this field can be tough as well. Perhaps your only edge is certification, licenses, and experience. If you have the edge, it won't only be companies or organizations in Seattle or Northwest America that will be interested in hiring you.


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