What Does a Leasing Consultant Do: A Quick Breakdown

consultant showing leasing documents to client

Approximately 35% of households in the U.S. rent the homes or apartments they live in. As you can imagine, this high percentage creates a significant demand for rental properties.

Where you find rental properties, you might also find leasing consultants. If you are wondering what a leasing consultant is and what they do, you're in the right place.

This article details the job description of a leasing consultant. Continue reading if you'd like to learn more about this specific job.

The Basic Duties of a Leasing Consultant

To understand the role a leasing consultant plays, you might want to find the answer to this question: what does a leasing specialist do? Here is a breakdown of the basic duties of a leasing consultant.

Responds to Inquiries About Rental Properties

When people call about an apartment for rent, the leasing consultant answers the calls and provides the information they need. Leasing consultants respond to calls, texts, messages, and in-person visits.

Shows Apartments

Next, a leasing consultant shows rental properties to the individuals that inquire about apartments. The consultant schedules the showings, meets the prospective tenants, and answers their questions.

Performs Background Checks

If a person wants to apply for a rental property, the consultant provides the necessary documentation. Next, the consultant processes it and performs the required background checks.

Prepares the Leasing Documents

If the person passes the background checks and wants to rent the unit, the consultant prepares the leasing documents. The consultant meets with the person and explains the documents. They also ensure that the tenant signs everything.

Addresses Tenant Issues

One more duty of a leasing consultant is to address any issues that the tenants might have. The consultant's goal is to satisfy all the tenant requests and complaints in the best manner possible.

The Types of Companies That Hire Them

If you are interested in a leasing consultant job, you might wonder what types of companies hire them. The kind of company that hires leasing consultants is a property management company.

A property management company takes on the responsibilities of landlords and real estate investors. They provide all the services that a landlord must complete in exchange for a fee.

The Character Traits Needed for a Leasing Consultant

After learning about a leasing consultant's duties and the types of companies that hire them, are you wondering, "is a leasing consultant a good job?" It is a great job for the right person.

A leasing consultant must be well-organized and meticulous. They must have an eye for detail, and they must work well with people. If you have these qualities, this might be the right job for you!

Learn More About Occupations

Are you looking for a new career? Would being a leasing consultant fit your abilities, experience, and personality type?

Property management firms hire leasing consultants for help. If you're interested in this job, start looking for job listings for leasing consultants.

Do you feel like you understand what it takes to be a leasing consultant? If you're interested in learning more about this occupation or others, read the rest of our blog!


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