What Does a Mobile Beautician do?

Mobile beauticians are different from beauticians in a beauty salon in one aspect-they are always on the move. They bring their tools with them and move around the city servicing clients. Think of it as a freelance beautician who doesn't have a salon as her home base. More often than not, these mobile beauticians are available by appointment only, given the fluid nature of their job.  If you want to know what a mobile beautician normally does, read on.

  1. Manicure and pedicure. You may call for a mobile beautician when you're too tired or too busy to go to the salon for a simple manicure and pedicure. This is one of the most basic services every mobile beautician offers. Some mobile beauticians also offer nail art as an added bonus.
  2. Body massage. While on-call masseurs are available to do home service for those who opt not to go out of the house, there are also some mobile beauticians who have received proper training in massage and therapy to administer body massages to customers. Hey, after that nice manicure and pedicure, maybe a massage will complement your mood, right?
  3. Skin treatments. Is your skin dull and dry?  Maybe you need treatments specifically targeted for your skin?  Mobile beauticians are also capable of offering these services, which include skin brushing and exfoliation. This will make your skin look firm and alive without leaving the comfort of your living room or bedroom.
  4. Waxing. Some people have to contend with doing the "walk of shame" out of the waxing facility after getting their wax. Some mobile beauticians offer waxing services that can be performed privately in your bathroom or your bedroom, so that you can scream in pain all you want without anyone looking nastily at you when you go out. Maybe you can get a bikini wax as well?
  5. Hair and make-up. Are you in a hurry to go to an important gathering and have no time to go to the salon to fix your hair and make-up?  Then pick up that phone because a mobile beautician may be available to render these services to you. Even if they are mobile these beauticians are equipped with the right tools and hands to give you that stunning look, just like what you get from the salon. And they give beauty tips as well!
  6. Browse through local ads in newspapers and yellow pages. To know more about the services of a local mobile beautician, you can look up classifieds in the newspapers and yellow pages and see what mobile beauticians in your area have to offer.

The next time you're thinking of gifts for friends, why not send over a mobile beautician to provide them with care and pampering after a stress-filled day?  Good idea, right?


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