What Is the Easiest Medical Field to Get Into? 7 Easy Medical Careers

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There are more thal 246,000 practicing doctors currently in the United States. Are you looking to enter the healthcare industry, but don't quite want to go the doctor route? You may be wondering what is the easiest medical field to get into?

And if that's been on your mind, then we're glad you've visited our site. We're going to provide you with a list of careers that will allow you to work in the healthcare field and make a difference in patients' lives without going to school for the next six years.

Continue reading for these need to know medical careers.

1. Medical Billing and Coding

One of the easiest jobs you can get in the healthcare field is a medical billing and coding specialist job. When you're in this role, it's your job to process medical insurance that patients need to afford different treatments and medical help.

It's also your job to ensure that all of the medical documentation and reporting given to you by doctors and nurses is accurate before you submit it to the healthcare company. To complete the coding course will take less than six weeks, and then you can begin working.

Through your work, patients will be able to find out sooner how much they will owe after their insurance company has paid its portion.

2. Certified Nursing Assistant

If you don't want to take on all of the responsibilities that come with being a nurse or a practicing physician, one of the best career options that you have is to become a certified nursing assistant. You will be a vital part of the everyday lives of patients.

You can obtain complete a CNA course in less than four weeks and then begin working. You'll help patients with activities, including:

  • Dressing
  • Bathing 
  • Feeding
  • Teeth Brushing

Any activities that are a normal part of daily living, you can expect to help patients accomplish while you're working with them. You may choose to be a CNA in a nursing home or hospital setting. Also, depending on the area that you work in, you can hope to be paid upwards of $14.00 an hour for the work that you do.

3. Certified Medical Assistant

You may think that a certified medical assistant is the same as a certified nursing assistant, but this is not the case. The role of the certified medical assistant has more privileges than that of a CNA.

As a CMA, you can expect to provide vaccines and immunizations, take patient vital signs, register patients, and more. When a nurse is busy, typically, the CMA will step in to complete the necessary work.

Your paygrade is higher than that of a CNA, which is a bonus if you're attempting to save up money.

4. Paramedic

During the pandemic, those that work as paramedics are seen as essential workers. Emergency paramedics are one of the first responders on the scene to assist people that need medical attention and help.

It takes a maximum of two years to complete your paramedic certification, and then you can begin working. If you don't have two years to set aside, you can also find a place that allows you to work in the field and get training while working.

If you thrive in situations where your adrenaline is pumping at all times, and you're required to think fast, then becoming a paramedic is one of the best jobs that you could have.

5. Phlebotomist

 As a phlebotomist, you will draw blood from patients that are needed for testing purposes. That's all you do, you'll receive a testing order and then enter the patient's room to take the necessary blood using vials.

Once you've collected the amount of blood that the test called for, you will then send it to the lab for testing. Various programs only take a couple of semesters to complete before you can begin working.

6. Nursing Assistant

Again if you don't wish to take on all of the responsibilities that a nurse has, you can take the path of becoming a nursing assistant. You will work directly beside the nursing staff, providing care to patients.

You may work in home health, nursing homes, or the hospital setting providing the care that patients need.

7. Medical Secretary

If you find that your skills are better for administrative work, you'll want to consider a career in the medical secretary job field. Your job goes higher than performing basic administrative duties.

You'll contact patients and provide them with medical information, including their test results, that they may be waiting to receive. You will also be in charge of scheduling appointments and pointing patients in the direction that they're supposed to go when they've arrived for medical care.

Because you're the first people that patients come in contact with, you'll need to have fantastic customer service skills. And you'll also need to be able to deal with patients no matter what their attitude is.

What Is the Easiest Medical Field to Get Into?

When answering the question of what is the easiest medical field to get into, all of the careers that we've listed above are easy to do and won't take long periods to become certified. You can choose the right career path based on your specific set of skills and the amount of involvement you want to have with patients.

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