How To Work for a Title Company

Title companies perform vital work for buyers and sellers of property.  Working for a title company allows you to use skills you may not even have realized you had.  But before getting into specific jobs, here is a look at what a title company actually does.

Whenever a piece of property is bought or sold, buyers and sellers need to know what they are getting into.  Working with a title company is one way to make that determination.  The title company is responsible for determining whether there are existing loans, unpaid taxes, judgments, liens or other encumbrances on the property’s title.  These need to be resolved before title can pass from the buyer to seller.  If any encumbrances are found, you will need to work with the title company to clear them.  Once title is “clear” the buyer will be able to obtain insurance on the property.

As a result of the duties it performs, there are many different types of available work within a title company.  The first step to working for a title company is to find one that interests you.  The internet is a great place to start.  Title companies can vary from large, national companies to smaller ones that specialize in a particular area.  It is obviously up to you to determine which size company best matches your needs, but the good news is that each type of title company works in a similar fashion with similar positions available.

The types of jobs at title companies can be generally broken down into administrative (support staff) and managerial.  Working at a title company in an administrative capacity will mean that you are generally the first point of contact between a prospective client and the company.  You will need to be professional and polite, making the client feel welcome.  In addition to these duties, you will also be responsible for typical assistant duties: handling phones and generally ensuring that the title company is working as efficiently as possible.

The work performed at a title company by agents or other executives is a bit more specialized.  Some familiarity with the law and/or finance is required.  Paralegals and lawyers often do the work at title companies relating to combing through county and local real estate records looking for encumbrances.  On the financial side, underwriters and other professionals ensure that funds are processed efficiently in the exchange between buyers and sellers.

Regardless of your current level of training or experience, working for a title company provides several different avenues for career advancement.


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