How To Work for the Tractor Supply Company

The Tractor Supply Company, started by Charles E. Schmidt Sr. in 1938 with one store in Chicago, Illinois has become a household name - well, at least among those households involved in farming. Today there are over 850 Tractor Supply Stores in more than 40 states, serving all the needs of rural, agrarian America. From the very beginning, Tractor Supply Company has striven to meet the needs of rural Americans. Whether it's tools, tractor parts, chemicals, veterinarian supplies, home remodeling supplies, or anything else one might need, one can find it at Tractor Supply. In order to serve the needs of rural America, Tractor Supply Company (TSC) employs more than 10,000 highly trained associates.

Tractor Supply Company stores are always seeking applications from young men and women seeking careers and not just looking for jobs. Tractor Supply Company offers employment opportunities in several areas: store associate positions, store/field management positions, store support center positions, and distribution center positions. The first step in applying to Tractor Supply Company is to do a little research on these areas and determine which area most appeals to you. You may want to visit a nearby Tractor Supply Company retail outlet and talk to the store associates and management about what they do.

Once you have a better idea of what is expected of people employed in this position, take self inventory of your educational experience, your work experience, hobbies, and so on, and determine whether you have the experience and/or education needed to start at entry level. Once employed, Tractor Supply Company provides ongoing training for their employees. It will help if you are comfortable with rural folk.

Now it's time to update your resume and generate a current list of references, both personal and business. It's always a good idea to check with the people that you are using as personal references to make sure it's okay to use them. Not everyone is amenable to being used as a reference. Tractor Supply Company will verify references and you want to be sure that your references will give a positive response.

To actually apply for a position with any of the 850+ Tractor Supply Company retail out lets, store support centers, or distribution centers, go to the Tractor Supply Company's Careers site online and follow the prompts. From the Welcome page screen, you can view all positions that are currently available or you can search for positions by using a keyword search. The site is very user friendly.


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