How To Work for Trucking Companies

The trucking industry needs more drivers on a steadily rising basis.  This industry definitely isn't going anywhere nor is it going to be replaced by an automated system such as robots.  The every day items that we use on a regular basis are all delivered by trucking companies. Here's how to get started on this career:

When you apply to work for a trucking company, you will go through a variety of steps during the hiring process.  The trucking companies are fairly strict to the guidelines that they have set in place for selecting new drivers.  You need to understand that they are entrusting you with a rig that normally costs them over $50,000.00 per unit!  That isn't just peanuts they trust you with. This is serious money.

This article is going to touch on a few of the steps that are taken when you are going through the process of working for a trucking company.

  1. Take an accredited Commercial Driving class which you can find in just about every city in America.  If you don't have the money for an actual school, see if you can think of any person that you know who has their CDL already who can, and is willing to, train you to drive.  Some trucking companies will even train you for your CDL test with the stipulation that you will work for them for a set amount of time.  Normally 60-90 days minimum.  Don't worry about trucking permits as your company will take care of that as well.
  2. Let everyone know that you are looking to work for a trucking company.  Word of mouth sometimes is better than doing it on your own. You can also start researching different trucking company that you want to work for on the Internet. Many trucking companies will hire drivers with no experience.
  3. Once you have been accepted by a trucking company, you still technically aren't hired until you undergo and pass their own in-house orientation program.  The basic idea of the orientation program is to inform you of their own rules and regulations, pay scale, time-off, filling out a drivers log book and a variety of other information including your own driving abilities.  A drug test is also administered during the orientation.
  4. Once you pass their orientation, they assign you a truck to drive and send you out the door with your first dispatch request.

Working for a trucking company is both financially rewarding and fun.  Look into it if you enjoy seeing a variety of different sites and talking with different people.


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