How To Work in Auto Repair

It is easy to get work in auto repair if you have the training and know-how to fix cars.  Some of your training may come from buying your own cars and repairing them or working on cars your family members or friends own.  But if you want to find a full-time career in auto repair, it is best to get training.  Many auto repair shops today use sophisticated computerized equipment, and it may be hard to get a job as a mechanic without some special training.

Most auto repair workers get their training in vocational schools.  They begin training while still in high school.  However, it is never too late to get trained to be an auto mechanic.  Many adults may find it hard to get a job today in their field.  And if they have a knack for fixing cars and replacing parts, they will probably find auto mechanic jobs more plentiful.  After all, cars and trucks break down and they need to be fixed.

Your training will start with the basics.  You will learn to do lube jobs as well as replace air filters.  You will also learn the basics about spark plugs, engine work, radiators, PCV valves, tune ups and computer diagnostics.  You'll become familiar with all the tools associated with your new trade as well as learn how to operate the various pieces of equipment.  Once you train on some jalopies for awhile, you will eventually start working on other people's cars.  Vocational schools often invite car owners to get repairs done at their vocational school.  The cost is cheaper, and it provides the students with an opportunity to get hands-on training.

Most auto repair training programs take two years to complete.  You do not need a license to open a shop or work as a mechanic.  But owners are typically required to get a vendor's or sales license.

Once you are trained in auto mechanics and repair, you can start looking for a job.  In most cases, you can probably get in your car, drive around to the many auto repair shops and apply for a job.  Like other jobs, they will want to know where you got your training and how much experience you have.  But you may just land a job your first day.  You can also call these places ahead of time or surf the internet for available positions.  Auto repair jobs are also listed in the job section of the daily newspaper.


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