How To Work in Computer Repair

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Computer repair and maintenance technicians are in great demand today.  The rapid increase in the sales of new computers only ensures that this demand will increase.

Getting a job in computer repair will require the technician to be Comp TIA A+ certified.  The examination is comprehensive and requires in-depth knowledge of computer architecture, installation, networking, preventive maintenance, security and troubleshooting.

You are going to have to know computer hardware and operating systems. This will include knowing how to build, repair and upgrade computers, workstations and some servers.  Preventive maintenance training will provide the knowledge needed to maintain and troubleshoot problems with system units, network hardware and peripheral equipment such as printers and scanners. Alongside the hardware training, you must learn about system security and how to protect networks from attack.

Another thing the computer technician must know is how to install, maintain and repair computer networks.  This will include working with the components connecting each workstation in the network.  Hubs, routers, switches and network bridges all have to be properly installed and maintained.  Ethernet connections, network cards and operating systems all have to be properly configured and installed.  Maintaining a network is often a full time job for the computer technician.

How to become certified

The best way to become A+ certified as a computer technician is to attend classes at your local community college or technology center. There you will get the training you need, an Associates degree or Tech Certificate, and will also take and pass the TIA A+ Certification Examination.

Jobs in Computer Repair and Maintenance

An IT Tech can work in a variety of settings.  Think of the Geek Squad, those guys are one kind of IT Technician.   IT Technicians are often employed in industry as in-house specialists in charge of maintenance, repair and upgrade installations of the companies' computer network. These jobs are in great demand as industrial settings become more and more computerized.

Computer technicians also work as help desk representatives helping to resolve computer networking and connectivity issues.  Another possible job in computer repair is to become an entrepreneur offering your expertise to businesses and individuals.  Many companies will pay a retainer fee monthly to keep IT professionals on call 24 hours a day.

Getting a degree in IT Technology or a Certificate in IT Technology and passing the A+ exam is your open doorway to a satisfying career as a computer technician.  Either as an employee or by running your own business, the demand for computer repair technicians will remain high.


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